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Katowice już do Was lecimy. Widzimy się dzisiaj o 22:30. :) Fot. @wojtekkoziara
Mum life 🍼🍼well just for the afternoon while visiting the Kangaroo Sanctuary, the man behind this organisation is incredible, so much love for these orphaned Roos! @ausoutbacknt #NTAustralia
What I was able to see at the Meknes granaries was incredible -- what you CAN'T see is the group of other tourists staring and cheering me on/ (chanting "blue steel" I'm sure), while I tried to get this shot! 😂💃🏻👏🏼 Thanks @epicroad for another amazing stop on this Moroccan journey of mine #myepicroad #naturesspotlight #relaxitsashadowonmyshoulderlookclosely
Healthy protein is key to your weight loss thanks so much. @healthyminutemeals ・・・ BAKED HONEY CILANTRO LIME SALMON IN FOIL by @cremedelacrumb1🐠 @cremedelacrumb1 . Baked honey cilantro lime salmon in foil is cooked to tender, flaky perfection in just 30 minutes with a flavorful garlic and honey lime glaze. . Full recipe with directions, as well as many more recipes like it, can be found on @cremedelacrumb1's blog. Link is in her bio! . Serves: 4-6 INGREDIENTS: 1 large salmon fillet (see note) salt and pepper, to taste ½ cup butter, melted (see note) juice of 2 limes (plus one lime, thinly sliced) 4 tablespoons honey 3 teaspoons minced garlic ⅓ cup cilantro, roughly chopped . Check out @cremedelacrumb1 for more. Enjoy! . So if you like this weight lost tip, turn your notifications on ⬆️⬆️ and tag a friend ⬆️⬆️ my passion is the best your metabolism and only eight days and help you get your life back on track. Xo to YOU @camille_tyler #8dayjumpstart
How about a woman looks like one in Picasso's painting? Follow @9gag to get more inspirations for life. #9gag #cat #painting #impressionism #thisisreal
Beachfront private location in a magical place: CABO PULMO. The main building offers ocean view living room, dining area, kitchen with two reekteratoea, full bath plus office. Three separate casitas with private patios, two full kitchen, all with full bathrooms. Listed at $639,000 usd by @susanneinbaja
👉🏻 POST OFICIAL 👈🏻 ⠀ Quer ganhar um delicioso Kit Primeiro Pedido? 😋😋 ⠀ Esse kit contém 5 itens e foi elaborado especialmente para quem ainda não conhece nossos produtos. Ele contém: 🔹Filé de frango, purê de batata doce e mix de legumes; 🔹 Patinho moído, purê de abóbora e brócolis; 🔹 Nhoque de mandioquinha ao pomodoro; 🔹 Sopa de batata doce com frango desfiado; 🔹 Suco verde detox. ⠀ Para participar é só seguir esses 3 passos: ⠀ 1️⃣ Curtir esta foto (foto oficial do Instagram); 2️⃣ Seguir nosso perfil @befit.alimentos; 3️⃣ Marcar 3 amigos nos comentários (não vale marcar perfis de famosos ou comerciais); ✅ Pronto‼️ Você já estará concorrendo‼️ ⠀ O sorteio será através do site ⠀ O nome do ganhador sairá dia 10/6! Este sorteio é válido para a cidade de São Paulo e Grande São Paulo). E a entrega ocorrerá por nossa conta, durante o horário comercial. ⠀ 🍀🍀 Boa sorte! 🍀🍀 ⠀ ⠀ #befit #alimentaçãosaudavel #estilodevida #comidadeverdade #semconservantes #frangocombatatadoce #fitness #reeducacaoalimentar #detox #marmitafit #alimentacaobalanceada #healtylifestyle #healthfood #sorteio #sorteiosp
P3 and the podium for @danielricciardo and P5 for Max at the #MonacoGP 👊 Race result #MonacoGP: VET, RAI, Daniel P3🏆, BOT, Max P5👊, SAI, HAM, GRO, MAS, MAG. #📸: Shaun Botterill | @gettyimages #👐 #givesyouwings #F1 #DanielRicciardo #MaxVerstappen #RedBullRacing
Новосибирск Тула Москва Прокопьевск @za_zakon @a_sirosh @zloy_kadyrovec Видос ща залить или завтра?
This family is getting stronger everyday, I see more and more of you guys making friends and supporting each other and that is why I do what i do. I love you guys, promise me you'll be here and support me when i release music, because ill always be here for you guys no matter what💙 sorry for the long message😂 YOOO I'm in my dms rn so hit me up😉
In love with these adorable, fluffy faces 💛🌸🌿 #Repost @wildlifewarriorsworldwide ・・・ What's cuter than one pademelon in a pouch? Two pademelons! Meet Jezebel the red-necked pademelon and Micky the red-legged pademelon. These small forest-dwelling kangaroos are usually found in dense vegetation but sadly car accidents left these two joeys orphaned. The team at the #AustraliaZooWildlifeHospital and their specialised wildlife carer are helping them on their journey so they can reach independent life in the wild.
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