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"I've never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that's very popular out there in Africa." Britney Spears #happyafricaday 😂
Twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Diouf calls herself a serial entrepreneur. She started a digital media and visual production company that houses two publications, and her latest venture Tongoro ( @tongorostudio) is a ready-to-wear clothing line #MadeInAfrica. “By sourcing our materials on the continent and working with local tailors, our long-term goal is to contribute to the development of the retail production in western Africa, opening our first atelier here in Dakar, Senegal,” says Sarah, who was born in Paris and is now based in Dakar. Tongoro translates to “star” in Sango, the national language of the Central African Republic, where Sarah’s mother comes from. “I want to invite young Africans to dare and reach for the stars, prove that we can build our own dream by owning our ideas and putting them into fruition,” she says. “I dream of an Africa healed from the wounds inflicted because of a way of thinking that limited us for too long. It’s time for us to get to work and build a secure, strong and promising place, challenging the rest of the world with assets that belong to no one else but us.” #AfricaDay Photo by @tongorostudio
A single daisy in a French field twirled its way into our #BoomerangOfTheWeek. Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your next Boomerang’s caption — yours might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @boomyourlife
“I like the shadows that are cast on the wall when the sun goes down,” says Stefan Turtzer ( @nineoutoften), a resident of Berlin, who frequents the local Sunday market here. “I believe the picture celebrates the chill atmosphere and the late afternoon vibe, when people enjoy the last rays of sunlight.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @nineoutoften
“I started being open about my experience as a person with mental illness, because there’s a real serious void in the dance world,” says professional ballet dancer Sydney Magruder ( @theblackswandiaries), who has struggled with anxiety since childhood. “In January of 2015, after having mixed success auditioning in New York, I went and did a show in Boston. And then I’m not exactly sure what happened, but for nine months after coming back to New York, I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t go to class. I didn’t see my friends. I hardly talked to anybody except my wife. I’m just getting back to where I feel like I can audition again. In the ballet world, we don’t pay attention to people with mental illnesses. We kind of write them off and marginalize them as not being dedicated or hardworking enough. But I am one of the most passionate and dedicated people I know — anybody who knows me will also tell you that. You don’t have to pretend you’re not sick, but you do have to fight every day to make your life what you want it to be. Every day you do have the choice to get up and do something and be great. You can’t let anybody tell you you’re not worthy.” #hereforyou Photo of @theblackswandiaries by @rachelnevillephoto
Today, we’re introducing two new features in Direct: landscape and portrait orientations, plus links. Now, whenever you send a permanent photo or video to your friends in Direct from your camera roll, you don’t have to worry about cropping it. We’ve also added support for links in Direct. You can share website links with friends and preview them directly from your thread. You’ll also see links for phone numbers and addresses. Since introducing the new Instagram Direct in April, we’ve been excited to give people more ways to have fun, visual conversations. We’ll continue to make improvements to Instagram Direct throughout the year. Landscape and portrait uploads in Direct are available today on iOS, with Android coming soon. Links in Direct messages are available today on both Android and iOS as part of Instagram version 10.22.
全く違うんだもんね あなたの景色をおしえて #film
Well done boys🏆
This stunning set of pictures shows an intense battle between a seal and octopus - in which the seal emerges as the winner by gulping the octopus down in one. The hungry seal spots the octopus and decides that it would make a great breakfast, so goes in for the killer move. But the little octopus puts up a fight by wriggling about and wrapping its clingy tentacles around the seal's face. After a long struggle, the big seal got the better of the little... - more pictures is in the insta story » Images :© Andrew J. Lee. #DiscoverOcean
Sister from an other mother👸🏽
Today marks one year since the #Harambe incident at the #CincinnatiZoo... 🦍🙏 #WSHH
I just wanna sleep all day but I have to shower. And so my brain is having a huge fight. Sleep vs cleaning and showing. I need to clean my room and wash my hair. But then again...sleeeeeep. But shower. Sleeeeeeeeep. Agh.
New 🏆 record. A new season is coming @beatsbydre #BEHEARD
Mais um soldado gravemente ferido 👮🏽
@bf_insan_kayakent ставьте❤️ "Людей, кому нужна помощь, меньше не становится и, наверное, не станет, увы, никогда. Главное понимать, что если вы хотите помогать спасать детей-сирот, малышей-инвалидов или малоимущую семью, то важно обратиться в благотворительный фонд «Инсан» и вместе творить добро. «Инсан» по Каякентскому району помогает решать конкретные проблемы и работает в четко-поставленном направлении: помощь детям - сиротам, взрослым, инвалидам, пожилым, малоимущим и так далее, которые одни стараются выжить в обществе, своим трудом пытаются найти выход из сложившейся трудной ситуации. Благотворительный фонд инсан объявляет сбор для семьи Исмаиловых ________ Тел: 8-967-88-111-12 Реквизиты для помощи: Сбербанк 4276 6000 3465 8878: Либо пополнить счёт билайн 8-903-480-0642
Вот так ставятся рекорды 🤔 Подпишись на нас @crynet #crynet By unknown
This family is getting stronger everyday, I see more and more of you guys making friends and supporting each other and that is why I do what i do. I love you guys, promise me you'll be here and support me when i release music, because ill always be here for you guys no matter what💙 sorry for the long message😂 YOOO I'm in my dms rn so hit me up😉
| Double tap and comment your results 🤣 the last digit is the shoe you have to get 👀 ⠀ Turn on Post Notifications‼️ Photo by: @NBAOncourt Tags: #Nike #Kicks #Jordans
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