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We’re swinging into the weekend with Orso the Corgi ( @churchilly) — the star of our #BoomerangOfTheWeek. “Orso loves to swing. He has been doing it since he was a little puppy!” says Christon, Orso’s human. “We enjoy making people smile and remembering the pure, good things in the world ... like corgis in baby swings.” Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your next Boomerang’s caption — yours might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @churchilly

  • Hahaha
    28-May-2017 14:33:17 PM
  • Nice video.
    28-May-2017 15:46:49 PM
  • So cute hahahaha
    28-May-2017 16:17:29 PM
    28-May-2017 16:18:48 PM
  • Как зовут собака
    28-May-2017 17:05:22 PM
  • Как зовут собака
    28-May-2017 17:05:47 PM
  • Dk jd
    28-May-2017 17:07:26 PM
  • Good video!
    28-May-2017 17:23:06 PM
  • Cool
    28-May-2017 17:39:00 PM
  • So cut
    28-May-2017 18:02:38 PM
  • So cut
    28-May-2017 18:03:00 PM
  • Cool
    28-May-2017 18:35:24 PM
  • Good video!
    28-May-2017 18:46:18 PM
  • That is cute
    28-May-2017 19:33:24 PM
  • Maggie? This is what Evie needs.
    28-May-2017 20:39:26 PM
  • So cute
    28-May-2017 20:45:22 PM
  • cute😚😚
    28-May-2017 21:42:14 PM
  • Funky 😊
    28-May-2017 21:48:15 PM
  • Wow, awsome!!
    28-May-2017 23:14:08 PM
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Online stalking is a full-time commitment
"‪When u remember that u have the day off tomorrow‬" -Doug
Simple dream of mine 🌹🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸
Thanks so much for tuning into my first @live.ly show... that was so fun!!!! I can't wait for next week. See you next Sunday!
He was mad af 😂 👉🏽(via: @xyoung22x)
‪I've wanted to see @Freaks4Live my whole life. Came to @BottleRockNapa just for this. I made it! I Alone! (And all my pals!) 🤘😎‬
Minha cara quando alguem ( @gabrieldelgado10) fala c HAHAHAH/// fotos da @missteenoficial ✨✨✨
I already am
Deixa combinado pf 😂😂
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