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Com quase 250 obras , a primeira retrospectiva de Robert Rauschenberg chega no MoMA nesse final de semana. A exposição foi organizada pelo Museu de Arte Moderna de Nova York e Tate Modern, em Londres. #cultura #culture #top #robertrauschenberg #moma #newyork #luxo #art #instagood #instaart #arte #agendacultural

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(SWIPE!) My fam is seriously takin over @thetodayshow tomorrow! My lil sis @noahcyrus & my dad @billyraycyrus are BOTH performing! 💙❤️💚💛💜 So cool! My mama @tishcyrus & big sis @brandicyrus are going to be talking about their new show launching THIS Thursday z 25th (make sure you watch) Cyrus VS Cyrus (on Bravo 10/9c!) I am the proudest daughter and sister ever! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Congrats Dad on #SomeGaveAll25 / & Noie your new music is all so RAD I can't wait for #ImStuck #NC17 !!!!!
By @veronisonic #talentedplayerz for the chance to feature! Tag 1 friend who will love this!
I never use them but it was yours
The Epiphone Amos V through a 63 Fender Vibroverb... The double chins and mistakes I threw in for free. 😎👍
#weekendvibes 🤗 First of all: Thank you so much for all your nice and awesome comments on my latest post. I really appreciate it 💛 We spent the afternoon celebrating my grandmas birthday 🎉 and will go on a walk this evening. Maybe I'll take the camera with me 😊 I hope you're all enjoying your day 💛 • • • |250517
Had a special lunch date today. #throwbackthursday
food art (follow @clipart for more) 🎨 Via @isteef 💕
Anyone out here using Orange amps?🍊🔊 🔻 #Repost @mikehawkings ・・・ I got mah beasty back!! Huge shout out to Neil Mitchell and the guys at #orangeamps for the repair, always top guys to deal with. Very much looking forward to bringing it back for our next shows this weekend! Sat on top is the #twonotes #TorpedoLive I picked up the other day - awesome bit of kit! #guitargear #rockerverb #guitaramp #loadbox
#tbt The Fox Theatre in Atlanta is truly a magical place and has the greatest sounding green room I've ever practiced in. I've no idea what this non-sense is I'm playing, but I'll take that reverb all day long!! Where do YOU like to practice? The woods? Shower? In a pillow fort? . . . . #fiddle #violin #improvisation #foxtheater #atlanta #classicalmusic #rossholmes #tone @daddarioorchestral @nathantasker - I know you were down the hall, sorry I couldn't shut up playing!
Happy #WednESday from Memphis.
Ta fácil pra ninguém 😂😂😂
#EdwardNorton turned down Saving Private Ryan (1998) to do #AmericanHistoryX🎬🎥 Good call? Or not?? 🤔
Fooling around on this shuffle in between rehearsal. Nothing too special to see here lol
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