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Thank you @paulorpaolo for this! Photo from my medical years.... For those who are still working on their medical degree I have a little advice: ....Fight! There were many times I was just tired, depressed and wanted to just dissapear, fly out from everything. But! Hold on! Close your eyes and just dream! It always helps. Get kiss to your mom and start again! Because you are gonna make it! Tag someone to fight together! #bestrong
This is me interrupting my blackpink series for like a second because I saw this got uploaded! Ok so I recently auditioned for a dance group and I was lucky enough to get called back and film a few tutorials with them! I know some people tend to ask me for dance tutorials but I can't really teach LOL so go check out their YouTube channel cause they have a whole bunch of clearly instructed videos up @rpmdancecrew 😎 - Ps I'm the one in the back with black pants n a red shirt
Pierfect Portsea. Glimpse the lifestyles of the rich and famous at Portsea's millionaire mansions, toast local characters at the historic Portsea Pub and feel the sun on your back as you walk along the gorgeous beaches. Beautifully captured by @faith.shotz in @officialmorningtonpeninsula. #wandervictoria #visitvictoria #morningtonpeninsula #seeaustralia
Island life 🌴🌞💦 @mikutas at the picturesque @cocotulum 💎💎
~ India ~ È notte. È l'1 meno cinque minuti, e cercavo la prima foto che raccontasse la mia India. Dopo cena siamo rimasti a chiacchierare e a guardare il cielo, nel silenzio. Un'India così diversa dal primo momento e dalla prima impressione caotica. Varia e si trasforma ad ogni passaggio. Acha, in Indi, significa bello, e questo è il primo aggettivo con cui vi racconterei la mia India. Il primo momento che ho scelto è al mausoleo Jaswant Thada, in marmo bianco. 📸 @sonyalpha #A7 #sonyalpha W/ @earthviaggi #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost   #ladiesgoneglobal #thetravelwomen  #darlingescapes #femmetravel  #globelletravels  #dametraveler #travellingdestinations #wonderfuldestinations #destinationpix #hello_wordpics