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    20-May-2017 02:33:04 AM
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Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!! 🦃🇺🇸🍁🦃 I tried to take a model like photo of me holding this prized, from scratch, home made apple pie... This is what I got though lol. . I love love love me some carbs! And it's a holiday so Treat your self, am I right!?!? Unfortunately,though, they are not the best for us. Instead of cutting them out completely I work smarter when I eat them. . GDA from @1stphorm helps utilize the glucose you put into your body by storing it in your muscle instead of letting your body store it as fat. An increase in muscle glucose, also known as glycogen, translates to greater athletic performance. Improving your body’s sensitivity to insulin will not only load more glycogen into the muscle, but it also increases how efficiently you uptake other valuable nutrients that your muscle needs to repair and recover. . Such an amazing product from a company that understands how important it is too have balance in your life instead of depriving yourself from things you love! Balance is always key!!! . You can learn more and check it out at the link in my bio! Gets you free shipping and there is also a bunch of deals going on for this week!!!
Inked and ripped @paulchutchie 🔥 #inked #ink #tattoos #tatted
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 @fathersons_ Black Friday Sales: If you spend over 70$ you get 10% off your order. If you spend over 100$ you get 15% off your order. These are the offers you don’t need a code it automatically works if you spend these amounts.