• Jalan2 terus.. nnti kita ke prambanan yuk😄
    20-May-2017 04:06:40 AM
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Our happy moment when we won 1st and 2nd place at the mock race on mini bikes with @m1gp. 🔥🙏😬❤️ Swipe right for more pics! Last weekend was so incredible for me for so many reasons. Getting to ride with @staralexander_ all day at the go-kart track, doing drills, getting better at things. I was so happy because I was able to knee drag for the first time since this has been a fear of mine for the YEARS. It wasn’t easy to knee drag on 50cc in circle and in figure 8. It took a lot practice and a lot of patience/coaching from the staff at @m1gp before I could get it right. Once the knee touched,I was like “ohw this is how it’s supposed to feel..” 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪Towards the end of the day, I wasn’t scared to take the corners in faster speed since I have the knee to help me gauge where I was which helped stabilize the bike as well. My body position got better and I wasn’t as wobbly as I was throughout the day. I cannot wait to get back on the R6 to apply I learned from riding the minis. Amazing experience and I will definitely do it again and again! Thank you to all the staff at @m1gp for all the help and thank you @staralexander_ for sharing this experience with me. Together, we can accomplish anything! PC: @leobalalians #bikekingz #bikequeens #motorcycle_mafia #motorcyclemafia #cyclelaw #bikewars #killswitchbikes #motorcycles # #bikewars #sportbikelifestyle #bikergirlsofinstagram #bikerbabes #bikerchicks #Ladiesthatride #bikelife #shiftlife #girlswhoride #bikefam #instamotogallery #bikerzunite #bikersofinstagram #ridingsexy #girlsbiker #universalbikers #sportbikeaddicts #sportbikelife #eatsleepshift #ridersbook #universalbikers