Follow @anyhow for more! Going private tomorrow! omg this is so cool

    20-May-2017 22:27:35 PM
  • 20-May-2017 22:30:43 PM
  • 20-May-2017 23:41:17 PM
  • Wow, another fake bullshit product! How wonderful
    20-May-2017 23:46:42 PM
  • How to get it for RM1 can anyone help?
    21-May-2017 00:32:05 AM
  • 21-May-2017 00:58:27 AM
  • @milesn21 exactly what I'm thinking
    21-May-2017 01:47:55 AM
  • @zoe.krieg you need this
    21-May-2017 03:15:49 AM
  • omg yes birthday present??? @ashley.knevitt
    21-May-2017 03:18:06 AM
  • @anyhow where do you get them
    21-May-2017 03:31:04 AM
  • @9a.1a I agree this generation didn't go to shit at all !!
    21-May-2017 06:21:32 AM
  • Probably costs like $1,000 for the bottle and no watch
    21-May-2017 06:50:08 AM
  • What are you talking about?! Our generation is perfect. Has never been better look at us, we got fidget spinners, mass murders, and more!! Even a water testing water bottle!!! @felicia_is_a_peanut
    21-May-2017 08:03:29 AM
  • This needs to be government funded and sent to any and every country that doesn't have clean water.
    21-May-2017 10:07:02 AM
  • @9a.1a yeah I agree,hell I should even start acting like a prepubescent 9 year old kid now
    21-May-2017 11:52:57 AM
  • @_dpergola_ my new water bottle ??
    21-May-2017 13:35:21 PM
  • Y tho : YOLO
    21-May-2017 13:39:24 PM
  • How much is it?
    21-May-2017 14:41:17 PM
  • we need this for our school u never know @alessa.m02
    21-May-2017 15:57:28 PM
  • Question why is my water contaminated and why didn't any body tell me lol
    21-May-2017 16:17:26 PM
  • Wow
    21-May-2017 16:49:10 PM
  • 🙄🙄🙄
    21-May-2017 16:49:46 PM
  • @linn.mariie this thing is funny
    21-May-2017 18:22:34 PM
  • 😮
    21-May-2017 18:25:33 PM
  • @its__soph yeah but i wouldn't use it that much
    21-May-2017 19:54:31 PM
  • 21-May-2017 22:46:01 PM
  • They should give the citizens of flint hundreds of these
    22-May-2017 01:09:15 AM
  • @selahxgrace my third fav!
    22-May-2017 02:22:28 AM
  • Kickstarter crap anyone?
    22-May-2017 07:49:02 AM
  • 22-May-2017 08:41:39 AM
  • @ali.sqrd something you'd get
    22-May-2017 10:22:33 AM
  • Hagaha @__heidz__
    22-May-2017 10:51:50 AM
  • Boi that's what an immune system is for
    22-May-2017 21:50:05 PM
  • It's $130
    24-May-2017 22:40:28 PM
  • 26-May-2017 15:35:36 PM
  • Didn't go private ha ha
    10-Jun-2017 18:34:18 PM
  • @alan.cameron26 where can I buy it? from Jakarta
    25-Jun-2017 01:47:17 AM
  • I need it
    30-Jun-2017 05:11:31 AM
  • ،،،،
    14-Aug-2017 22:16:55 PM
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