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when you're a single bachelor who can't cook and you get stuck on #thanksgiving with no plans and nowhere to eat • 📷 @comedydirector • what's your favorite thanksgiving dish? #Klarity
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My lil homegirl got a good lil life situation right now and a crib and a man who love her but life wasn’t always like that. There was a time when she was a teen mom living out of her car with a baby (yes - this happens in America - and it’s a failure of society that we allow it! 😞) So this thanksgiving, she invited 20 girls who have no family (and nowhere else to go) over to her crib for a thanksgiving meal. I said this last year. But Imma say it every year. U ladies (and men!) who host Friendsgivings for friends who can’t go home for the holiday (or don’t have a home) - y’all are the real MVP. Y’all are the original MVP. Y’all DEFINE MVP. If u look up MVP in Webster’s dictionary it’s a picture of a rag tag bunch of pseudo-strangers around a table and it say: 1. Most Valuable Player. 2. He or she who hosteth a Friendsgiving in thine homestead for social acquaintances whomste are unable to retreat to theirst homestead” <— this is true but don’t look it up I already told u what’s there just pay attention lmao 😄. Anyway if u a Friendsgiving host, stand up ... or if u know one, stand up ... or if u just had neighbors or others over who have nowhere to go (my other lil homegirl’s Mama hosted their neighbor who’s old and has dementia and his wife passed away 😕)...STAND UP (stand up = tag them 😀) so they can get credit for such a selfless act. Realest MVPs on earth - the real meaning of Thanksgiving! Bless up 😍❤️