Well, i can't do makeup to save my life so instead i made makeup 💄 that you can eat! and of course... it RUINED MY HOODIE. (FOLLOW ME @NathanTriska FOR MORE!)😙 - products used: Foundation Bottle Corn Starch Cocoa Powder Honey (emoji cookies were supposed to look cool but they looked ridiculous)😂 - #Makeup #MakeupTutorial #MakeupVideos #MakeupVideo #DailyMakeup #MakeUpRoutine #Transformation #BeautyGuru #MUA #Makeupartist #tutorial #makeuphack #Musically #covergirl #DIY #Prank #Comedy #starbucks #makeupclips #musically #musical.ly #hair #makeupbyme #IGmakeup

  • 09-Jun-2017 01:02:04 AM
  • You are so funny,and sweet,too😍😍😍
    09-Jun-2017 19:18:08 PM
  • what the shit 😂
    09-Jun-2017 22:54:44 PM
  • I hope u die
    10-Jun-2017 07:47:47 AM
  • Ma quanto cacchio é stupido questo tizio😂 @parasoleee_
    10-Jun-2017 13:35:33 PM
  • C e tutto questo video per cosa😂 @_.http.eli._
    10-Jun-2017 13:48:24 PM
  • @maragillespiee 😍this is so helpful
    10-Jun-2017 17:22:56 PM
  • Happy birthday
    12-Jun-2017 04:26:49 AM
  • 😭💗😍😂
    12-Jun-2017 18:49:21 PM
    12-Jun-2017 20:25:25 PM
  • gila y mas
    14-Jun-2017 01:07:37 AM
  • Omg😷 :v😂
    14-Jun-2017 07:28:57 AM
  • If u turn to the side u kinda look like Paul zimmer
    14-Jun-2017 09:40:13 AM
  • Song? 🙇❤
    14-Jun-2017 19:20:51 PM
  • なにがしたいのw
    15-Jun-2017 14:13:01 PM
  • Eeewwww
    16-Jun-2017 01:03:10 AM
  • 😃😃
    18-Jun-2017 01:18:37 AM
  • @leah.nordick like why wth
    19-Jun-2017 03:33:00 AM
  • What's with all the unnecessary facial expressions @tatum.pass
    19-Jun-2017 03:34:53 AM
  • Apa faedahnya bang
    19-Jun-2017 10:36:57 AM
  • Cool weird dude
    19-Jun-2017 15:10:07 PM
  • how does this have over 2 mil views
    19-Jun-2017 18:45:14 PM
  • 19-Jun-2017 20:01:41 PM
  • Omg😷😂
    20-Jun-2017 22:04:08 PM
  • literally get i n touch with an AVON lady and let her teach you what she can or find someone to teach you. In the meantime I will pray for you to have NO MORE breakouts. you are so handsome. it is a shame for a great looking guy like you to have eruptions ! Love you bro
    24-Jun-2017 20:38:57 PM
  • 28-Jun-2017 00:43:34 AM
  • 😂😂😂
    02-Jul-2017 22:08:19 PM
  • 😂😂
    06-Jul-2017 21:50:31 PM
  • @alexia_420 ba..asta are o problema
    07-Jul-2017 14:36:09 PM
  • @terezabenedek agree :)))
    07-Jul-2017 14:40:10 PM
  • Wow...😃😂❤️
    07-Jul-2017 21:47:50 PM
    09-Jul-2017 18:28:26 PM
  • This is why you cant have white shirts
    12-Jul-2017 22:28:26 PM
  • 😂😂😂
    14-Jul-2017 06:14:37 AM
  • So u can feel BOOTYFULLLLLL on the inside 2🤣🤣🤣
    14-Jul-2017 10:30:19 AM
  • That would be a awesome prank lol!!!
    21-Jul-2017 19:34:51 PM
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