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Hello, world! It’s time for your dose of #WeeklyFluff. Cookie and Kanpei ( @usausausa1201) are two rabbits from Japan who always manage to pose for the perfect shot. When they’re not chomping away on a leafy green snack, they do their best to stay on trend, regularly rocking new styles of bonnets, wreaths and other chic headwear. Follow @usausausa1201 to ensure you never miss a look. 🐰 🐰

  • Berarti kalo orang gendut itu ucul? Uculnya bagusan putih ato item wkwkwkwkw @hilnf._78
    23-May-2017 05:12:51 AM
  • Putihlah Xixi @diahaw._
    23-May-2017 05:13:24 AM
  • 23-May-2017 05:13:48 AM
  • Sm km nya gendut ya wkwkwk @hilnf._78
    23-May-2017 05:14:20 AM
  • Y 😂😂 @diahaw._
    23-May-2017 05:20:03 AM
  • 23-May-2017 05:20:05 AM
  • Beauty
    23-May-2017 05:25:20 AM
  • Nice 🐭
    23-May-2017 05:25:58 AM
  • Nyc
    23-May-2017 05:42:41 AM
  • nice
    23-May-2017 06:02:06 AM
  • Cutest!
    23-May-2017 06:09:43 AM
  • Waw cho chweet
    23-May-2017 06:45:30 AM
  • @a_ana123 شوف الخاص
    23-May-2017 06:49:05 AM
  • 23-May-2017 07:33:46 AM
  • Sweet couple 🐰❤️
    23-May-2017 07:58:45 AM
  • L
    23-May-2017 08:35:05 AM
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Today we wake up to news we never imagined we would hear. Boohoo was born and bred in Manchester - it is the place we call home. Our thoughts are with all those affected. As a sign of respect for all those involved, our channels will remain silent for 24 hours. #WeAreManchester ❤️
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