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Happy tuesday 😁
Went up these stairs twice.... AFTER spin class. 😮 #culvercitystairs #fitnessjourney #jellolegs
Have just talked to my doctor 😋 He would not operate my foot this time ️❤️ triathlon still paused 😩😩 #triathlon #triathlete #training #swimbikerun #im703euchamps #swimming #ironman703 #ironman703 #ironmantraining #keepsmiling #livet
Survived! But PSA: don't go for brunch when you know you'll be squatting heavy later 😷 lol
I love these @gymshark leggings. I highly recommend them, they hug your body perfectly and don't ride up/down. They're also not see thru aka squat proof 🤣 #gymsharkwomen #gymsharkleggings #gymshark #gym #selfie #fitness #latina
#chrisstapleton sent me my very own customized TAPE of his new album!!! #fromaroomvolume1 Totally unsolicited. Never met him. He musta heard what a big fan I am. If you haven't heard his music do so if you please. And go see #guardiansofthegalaxy 2 in theatres!
Yesterday's 15min benchmark run was 1.3mi with an 11'29" pace 🏃🏽‍♀️I've broken my 1K PR/PB 3 times in the past week by bringing it down in total 2minutes, and brought my mile PR down 1min 32secs. Today was a rest and recovery day with some core work thrown in. Tomorrow is a 7 minute tempo run! 💪🏼🏃🏽‍♀️
Люблю себя загорелую, а белую не люблю😌загораю хорошо и чернею) ходила несколько раз в солярий в зимне-весеннее время, но конечно такого темного и ровного загара, как на солнце не получишь🤗важно пользоваться защитными кремами на пляже, чтобы не сгорать иначе все слезет быстро) на это лето в планах :Америка и Сочи, прошлый год был какой-то суматошный , с этой Олимпией , в этот раз на расслабоне☺️Питаюсь норм ,тренируюсь всегда не зависимо от времени года и обстоятельств) вот такая жизнь! Ну и как бы к лету всегда готова) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Кто ещё не готов к лету, онлайн тренировки @dreamgirlsteam 🌸www.dreamgirls.pro🌸 Foto by @dplyusnin 🔥
Found a better photo of my favourite mentor 💐
Its now 3 days since the madness #ironmanlanzarote took place 🌋 Sanne have not had any DOMS in her legs what so ever 😵 Now she is off training plan in two weeks time 🍫🍷 IRONWOMAN 🏅
Instead of barking at those pesky pimples to clear up. Take action! Nutritionist  @rajbarker recommends cutting back on the sweet stuff. You can start by simply swapping your jar of Nutella for our scrumptious sugar-free Nut-Ella Crunch Bark. Find the recipe by retyping 👉http://bit.ly/2qdITvI👈 into a new window. For more of Raj's tips & tricks on how to achieve clear & radiant skin. Head to the link posted in the comments below (you'll need to retype the link into a new window).
Have you watched my review & demo on the @diormakeup Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation? Link in bio 💕 I know my hair color looks different every time, but that's what sun light does 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ #DelilahDelights
What do you have post workout when you find out you can't have whey/ casein, soy, or veggie protein.. egg white and beef protein is yuck and expensive🤢 I had actual egg whites and potatoes. 👐 Problem solve. Adapt. Post is going to go up soon about my Everly Well Test results. This chick is going to be lean!! #fitmom #houstonheights #houstonfitness #htx #houston #foodiesofhouston #uptownhouston #rodistrict #getfit #getlean #fitnessmotivation
ууууууух какоооой дождик капнул😍 ветер такой ,прям настроение ВААААУ💗🙏спасибо тебе природа,я счастлива😊 искала свое вдохновение на улице,в горах, на диване ,по квартире и поняла что оно не там😂спряталось от меня моё вдохновение и не хочет выходить, на место него пришла лень и меланхолия,ух люблю я таких гостей🙈 надо бы их выпроводить 😜 Photo : @aray.lyan
Due To Recent Events, This Is My Cocktail Of Choice. Hitting The Game Full Force Again. Too Much Slacking Has Occurred The Past Few Months. Head Strong. Body Strong. #2017ismyyear #goodbyeflabbyhellofabulous #inittowinit #smoothieporn #smootielife #headstrong #bodystrong #bossbabe #singlelife #singlelady #singleinthecity #zeroalcohol #detox #fitforlife
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