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  • @zairahernandezp gracias pero en humanos?! xD
    21-May-2017 22:50:54 PM
  • Ooouuucccchhhh
    22-May-2017 02:20:00 AM
  • 22-May-2017 02:56:06 AM
  • @sanjikewalramani ew I hate this
    22-May-2017 02:57:09 AM
  • Iuhh
    22-May-2017 03:29:21 AM
  • @xzoe_x1 woran erinnert dich das
    22-May-2017 04:59:56 AM
  • 22-May-2017 06:58:04 AM
  • 22-May-2017 07:01:35 AM
  • @julissa.03 omg! 😱
    22-May-2017 07:12:25 AM
  • use a fork ??
    22-May-2017 11:15:33 AM
  • 22-May-2017 12:15:29 PM
  • Dove posso acquistarlo grazie
    22-May-2017 12:57:38 PM
  • omg😱😱😨😨
    22-May-2017 16:55:22 PM
  • That is.. AWESOME
    22-May-2017 22:26:42 PM
  • 23-May-2017 13:43:34 PM
  • What this?
    23-May-2017 16:38:00 PM
  • Para sacarle las garrapatas a la Bonita 😝😝
    24-May-2017 01:29:25 AM
  • 24-May-2017 01:43:20 AM
  • What is that
    24-May-2017 09:43:57 AM
  • That would be useful out here in the fields
    24-May-2017 10:48:13 AM
  • Damn i need 1 of those
    24-May-2017 13:34:12 PM
  • What is
    25-May-2017 04:58:35 AM
  • 25-May-2017 09:54:13 AM
  • Omg
    27-May-2017 16:52:49 PM
  • I need this
    27-May-2017 17:30:25 PM
  • 😨😨😨😨
    27-May-2017 23:01:13 PM
  • Its kinda satisfying to watch
    28-May-2017 20:35:25 PM
  • Doesn't it hurt
    29-May-2017 02:26:22 AM
  • ew ppl have ticks😂😷😖
    30-May-2017 06:50:07 AM
  • kutu babi bkan sih mas it ? @ocioji
    30-May-2017 15:07:31 PM
  • Does it hurt?
    01-Jun-2017 00:49:01 AM
  • 😷😷😫😲😕
    04-Jun-2017 14:33:09 PM
  • Why do you need to twist it? Asking honestly cuz I've never seen a proper removal before
    11-Jun-2017 01:19:57 AM
  • 13-Jun-2017 19:43:49 PM
  • @essa11eff because if you twist it then the tick will probably let go of your skin quicker. Also if you don't get it to let go of your skin then the head will be stuck in your skin. If you already pulled the body off then the head is extremely hard to get out and sometimes you need surgey.
    15-Jun-2017 04:11:11 AM
  • Ewww What is that
    17-Jun-2017 21:18:32 PM
  • This is so disgusting
    17-Jun-2017 21:20:01 PM
  • Fuck you katalin
    19-Jun-2017 12:47:13 PM
  • Who wants to suck my dick
    19-Jun-2017 12:47:47 PM
  • Mother f*cker
    19-Jun-2017 12:48:11 PM
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