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Sometimes removing a Band-Aid can hurt worse than the injury itself, but it doesn’t have to! To make removing a bandage painless, all you need is a bit of rubbing alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol to the bandage on your skin, saturating it thoroughly. Let it sit for a minute, then peel the Band-Aid away. The alcohol will dissolve the adhesive so it won’t hurt to remove!

  • Amazing you rock!
    17-May-2017 22:17:56 PM
  • Oh my gosh maybe my kids could love me after all 😂
    17-May-2017 22:22:32 PM
  • Just don't get it on the wound you're covering, that would sting.
    17-May-2017 22:22:35 PM
  • Awesome! 👏
    17-May-2017 22:24:09 PM
  • Absolutely agree 👏
    17-May-2017 22:31:31 PM
  • Does it work on the heart monitor stickers they put on in the hospital? My 9 month old grandbaby was just released from the hospital, and I'm not sure about putting rubbing alcohol on her young skin.
    17-May-2017 22:40:19 PM
  • We use coconut oil and lavender essential oil
    17-May-2017 23:11:18 PM
  • Why didn't my mom know this in 1975?
    17-May-2017 23:30:22 PM
  • Hand sanitizer also works!! Nurse trick!:)
    17-May-2017 23:34:06 PM
  • Thank you so much! My son is petrified of bandaids after being in the hospital. This will help!!!
    17-May-2017 23:59:28 PM
  • Great tip---thanks!!!!👏🏻👏🏻
    18-May-2017 00:44:06 AM
  • 18-May-2017 00:51:31 AM
  • Don't pour alcohol on a bandaid over an open area of skin. Especially not with your children, unless you like screaming. Use a Qtip or a cotton ball to just apply it to the sides of the bandaid. I can't think of many brave souls that would want to pour alcohol on an abrasion.
    18-May-2017 02:13:32 AM
  • @ninaburke21 Maybe try baby oil first.
    18-May-2017 02:17:01 AM
  • I told them to try Vaseline. I don't know if it Will work,.. but it was what I USED in the dinosaur AGE.
    18-May-2017 02:43:08 AM
  • @loydteel 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    18-May-2017 03:20:25 AM
  • Great tip!
    18-May-2017 05:48:29 AM
  • @ninaburke21 try baby oil it works too
    18-May-2017 06:53:14 AM
  • When I had my Total Right Knee Replacement and it came time to remove the bandage. The staples were a breeze. All I can say is the nurse gave no warning she ripped it off. I cried like a baby.
    18-May-2017 14:17:42 PM
  • Brilliant!
    19-May-2017 02:53:55 AM
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