Tak dziś wyglądało pełne skupienie w business lounge przed kolejnym lotem, a teraz juz cieszymy sie nowym miejscem i odpoczywamy :) #digitalnomad #praca #lotnisko #remote #remotework #airport #lisbonairport #lisbon #biznes #businesslounge #praca #workation #przedsiebiorcawpodrozy #hustle #hustlerlife #cyfrowinomadzi #przedsiębiorca #podroz #wyjazd #lifehacking #travelling

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I want to share something important with you today. In my Instagram account you see me laughing a lot, sitting in a stadium, flying in a helicopter and wearing the typical white coat which looks super fancy for most of the people. This is the danger of SocialMedia - in almost every account, not just mine. People will start to form an image of you and of your life based only on the things that you share. Scrolling through Instagram feeds you will see most of the time great pictures, people having fun and living the "perfect life" - especially in blogger-feeds. Well, take a look at your own feed. Most of you post pictures that only represent a minimal ammount of your real life. You choose what you want to share online to represent the best possible life. It's not a great thing to admit but it's the same in my account. In bigger accounts you almost only see posts that "work". You know how to create an admirable image of you and your life and if it's gonna have a good response. You use tools to edit the pictures and use several filters to make it fit perfectly in your artificially created feed. Unfortunately this is something where some people start to feel inadequate because they misinterpret these feeds as real lifes that seem so perfect. NO ONE lives this life everyday - not even bloggers. This thought includes me - I don't laugh all the time. I also struggle to get my life together and try to get through medschool as good as possible, while my flat looks like a mess. Sure, it looks great on pictures to wear the white coat but you don't see the work of innumerable hours of studying I had to go through till I deserved to wear this coat - and I ain't nearly done. Laboratory work looks fancy in a boomerang-story but it's really exhausting when you have to work all day while you could be on vacation instead. You never know someones real story only through SocialMedia. Don't try to compete with someone or imitate some misinterpreted "perfect life". Be the best version of yourself, do what makes you happy and be kind to everyone - you never know what the person behind the picture is really struggling with ✌🏼
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