• Niceee
    17-May-2017 21:13:10 PM
  • Niceeeeeeeeee
    17-May-2017 21:13:13 PM
  • Love it man! Check out some of my guitar playing if you can
    17-May-2017 21:13:19 PM
  • Hey
    17-May-2017 21:13:25 PM
  • neat-o
    17-May-2017 21:13:34 PM
  • 17-May-2017 21:14:23 PM
  • Awesome!
    17-May-2017 21:16:02 PM
  • Damnnnnnn Bro!!!
    17-May-2017 21:17:17 PM
  • So Good👌🏽
    17-May-2017 21:23:11 PM
  • You rock, dude! Blessed day
    17-May-2017 21:52:44 PM
  • Wow!
    17-May-2017 22:00:07 PM
    17-May-2017 22:02:02 PM
  • Fine apple
    17-May-2017 22:12:44 PM
  • 👍👍🤤
    17-May-2017 22:17:45 PM
  • That frame rate looks a little funky. Great playing though!!
    17-May-2017 22:21:08 PM
  • @tomsantana this guy is one of my favs right now!
    17-May-2017 22:38:44 PM
  • @samblakelock what kind of guitar is that ?
    17-May-2017 23:12:03 PM
  • Fine looking GUITAR
    17-May-2017 23:27:54 PM
  • Amazing playing guitar is beautiful too
    18-May-2017 00:36:55 AM
  • 🍍
    18-May-2017 02:47:32 AM
  • Burnin
    18-May-2017 04:56:16 AM
  • Love it😊
    18-May-2017 05:50:06 AM
  • Is this an arpeggio or a scale? I'm new to jazz
    18-May-2017 09:18:32 AM
  • @di_bosio It's a mix. After all, arprggios are just parts of scales. Basically, for jazz guitar, certain modes fit with different chord changes, and after awhile you learn which ones to use and when. Eventually it just kind of becomes subconscious and you automatically do it. There's lots of great tutorials on YouTube.
    18-May-2017 12:16:58 PM
  • @samblakelock no rush I'm just wondering , around when do you think the tutorial course will be posted ?
    18-May-2017 13:47:00 PM
  • @samruesink thanks a lot 👍🏻
    18-May-2017 16:00:47 PM
  • @samruesink I couldn't have explained it better! @di_bosio
    18-May-2017 17:06:52 PM
  • @whiskeydowned I'll keep you updated here!
    18-May-2017 17:07:41 PM
  • ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
    18-May-2017 20:53:27 PM
  • 🔥
    19-May-2017 01:11:15 AM
  • Good
    19-May-2017 22:23:45 PM
  • great content keep it up! 👏🏽
    20-May-2017 19:16:19 PM
  • @samblakelock it was nice getting to know you at the musicians summit. Best wishes for the future!
    22-May-2017 19:09:24 PM
  • Bro I just love your playing. I used to think that speed was everything but I fell in love with jazz. You have a great way of combining clean/flawless technique with chords, passing chords and still use tasteful licks. Love it all. Keep at it!
    23-May-2017 01:49:37 AM
  • 24-May-2017 19:15:21 PM
  • Although that I am humbled you tagged me in this awe striking guitar playing, may I ask why? @zoegraceemily
    24-May-2017 19:16:23 PM
  • Because I knew you'd find it awe striking, or maybe just because it's fucking sick? @george.humphreys
    24-May-2017 19:17:31 PM
  • Beautifully smooth playing ☺️👌
    01-Jun-2017 01:57:26 AM
  • @acoustictrench just saw this, thank you!
    01-Jun-2017 23:25:07 PM
  • 07-Jun-2017 04:33:02 AM
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