“On the second night of our boat trip, the sea went rough and our boat leaked. One of the pumps stopped working and water was pouring in faster than the single pump could take out. The boat was floating in the sea like a matchbox.” Looking back at this photograph, photojournalist Barat Ali Batoor ( @bbatoor) recalls his perilous journey in 2012 across the Indian Ocean, seeking refuge from Pakistan. Batoor is Hazara, a marginalized ethnic group from Afghanistan, his parents’ birth country. He grew up in Pakistan, but moved to Afghanistan to work as a photojournalist. However he found himself targeted in both countries for his ethnicity and his profession and was forced to flee. “I am far from my family, but Melbourne is my home now,” says Batoor, who, after nine months in Indonesia, was relocated to Australia through the UN refugee agency’s resettlement program. “I have been welcomed warmly here. Taking photos of everyday life is important for me now, because when I look back, I see what we had and what we have lost. #WhereIComeFrom, life was uncertain. You never knew whether you would come back home safe.” Watch our Instagram story to see more photographs of the global refugee crisis, installed in the streets of Melbourne, by the photojournalism collective Dysturb ( @dysturb). Photo by @bbatoor

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