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thank u guys for 4k i love u and i can't post videos for some reason so im sorry enjoy this precious picture #dancemoms
"True story...promise!!"-Mila
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I read a comment this morning that said 'haha you were fat' about a photo I took last week and I actually just giggled 😧🤔. Huh? What is a comment like that even meant to achieve? Why is it that we as a society belittle someone who isn't 'up to a certain standard'. When did we stop focusing on health and start focusing on weight and appearance for what's important? Believe me- I feel the pressure. I've felt it since I was a little girl when I refused to eat and cried when I'd become so strict that having to sit down for a meal scared the shit out of me. I felt the pressure when I looked up to models and actresses as the 'norm' and thought in order to be attractive and 'successful at life' I need to be tiny. But at what cost? The expense of my mental health? So right now- I may have a bit of extra weight around the tummy, but I'm the HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST I've ever been- physically and mentally. My time isn't taken up by ruminating on 'what I look like or what I SHOULD be'.. It's more concerned with making the right choice for me as a whole- mentally, physically and emotionally- which I down right know, has nothing to do with looking a certain way #changeiscoming #wecanbereal
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Amigos!! No se pueden perder este video con mi hermano @pablocampos98y mi amiga @danieeibanez Me diverti mucho! 😁❤ https://youtu.be/lqQKR7cJzKw
Looks so good made me wanna graduate twiceeeeeee!
😂😂😂( @sassygirl38)
Aí você percebe que tá velha quando vê que o filho da Veveta já está com 7 anos. 😱❤
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May 20: Bella in Cannes.
rainbow sherbet floam cup this floam is scented with "Rainbow Sherbet" from @solarcolordust (solarcolordust.com)! it smells so good ah. go buy from them, they have tons of things you can put into slime :)
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Dolphins and whales hanging out 🐋💙🐬 what a sight! See more @fathomlesslife ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This video was taken by @uheheu - check him out guys, such a different perspective on marine life! . . . . #whale #whales #dolphin #dolphins #hawaii #waikiki #oahu #squad #goals #ocean #drone #drones #conservation #savethewhales #video #videos #humpbackwhales #humpback #travel #underwater #instadrone #videoofthedag #bestvideo #fromabove
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