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There is a news guys.. Got selected for the mega auditions -studio round of #zeeyuvaa 's upcoming show " #sangeetsamraat " 😃😃✌✌✌ Heading to Mumbai this Saturday.. At filmistan studio, goregaon... 😁😁 wish me luck,.. To proceed from top 120 (ryt now) to top 60, to be the part of this show... ✌✌ . P. C. @sagarkhandareofficial #sagarkhandaaareofficial #छायाचित्रकार #mrunaldhole

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Photograph by @paulnicklen // The face of a glacier temporarily frozen for the winter dwarfs a young polar bear as she patrols the sea ice in search of seals. She was only two or three years old and was most likely weaned from her mother this spring. Now, she must use all that she has learned from her mom to survive during these changing times. #followme on @paulnicklen to see the moment when she finally discovers my presence. For @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier. #nature #polarbear
😂😂 DESLIZA👉👉 #porboludoo👈
Siempre orgullosos de ti 😍porque cada paso y cada logro en tu vida no son por casualidad, tu trabajo, entrega y sobre todo humildad es lo que te ha llevado a donde estás, esto y más mereces y merecemos Te amamos @tomasrincon8 🏆🔝 Att: #Mami #Dom👼 #Isabella 🎀
Domingo = Family Day, o mejor conocido como "hagamos cosas juntos" Have fun 😊✌ Todos amamos a La Roca, no? 💪 #Inked #Family #Sunday #SundayMorning #Tattoos #Kids #AmericanTattooRules
Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // Victor Rossi, a clown who began his career in France, waits to begin the pre-show performances. It’s the end of the road for “The Greatest Show on Earth.” The Ringling Bros. traveling circus is performing it’s final shows today in Long Island, New York. The circus has been a piece of Americana for 146 years, but high operating costs and low ticket sales brought about its demise, ownership announced in January. Hundreds of workers make up the circus, including performers and train conductors and other behind-the-scenes personnel. Many have spent their lives on the traveling trains, which can reach up to a full mile long as they move from coast to coast for 44 weeks of the year. #circus #curtain #change #clown
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Así quedó la tabla tras la derrota de San Lorenzo frente a Aldosivi. Boca único puntero a 6 del segundo
#Boca jugará el sábado que viene ante #Huracán. 19hs será el horario de ese partido en Parque de los Patricios.
FORMACION CONFIRMADA | Estos son los 11 de #Guillermo para enfrentar a #Newells a partir de las 18:00. ( #Insaurralde va de 2 y #Tobio de 6) #boca_jrs_info
⚠️ CAMBIO HISTÓRICO EN MAN. UTD‼️ Sale: #WayneRooney (31 años , 7 meses) Entra: #AngelGomes (16 años, 9 meses)
Ganó #Boca 1 a 0 Ante #Newells con gol de @pipabenedetto90 y se posiciona en lo más alto del torneo. #VamosBoca #CABJ
moonrise over downtown la.
What do you guys think of this color? Makeup by @chelseasmakeup #hudabeautyrosegoldpalette #repost @maryhadalittleglam
The Pianist 👉🏻 @adrienbrody ⭐️ #cannes2017
Here's an honorary post because our music videos both hit 1m views! So I firstly want to thank you guys for your endless support, but I also want to thank this guy right here for helping us make those videos come to life. Thank you Spence! ...also, LOOK HOW SMALL MILO WAS THEN!!
Well, 37% of fans are right so far. Let's go to the @toyotausa #PulseOfTheNation poll results:
Nanded City, Pune
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