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“I like the shadows that are cast on the wall when the sun goes down,” says Stefan Turtzer ( @nineoutoften), a resident of Berlin, who frequents the local Sunday market here. “I believe the picture celebrates the chill atmosphere and the late afternoon vibe, when people enjoy the last rays of sunlight.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @nineoutoften
Work harderer 🤓
Just installed my new @barefootbuttons. Kept it simple with black but may add some colored ones before long. Such a great idea! @jrockettaudio #fulltimemusician #musicismyjob #guitarist
I hate touching fish and that is an Olaf band-aid. #winning #fishing #bassfishing #sunny #cloudy #fish
Diamond Comp Jr opto compressor - not only great for clean tones, put it in front of dirt boxes for richer harmonics. #diamondcompjr #diamondpedals #compressor #diamonddrivestone #optocompressor #guitarpedals #guitarchannel
Day 3 of guitars for @jason_upton's new record. These songs are so special. I love how poetic, and careful Jason is with his songs. He's a legend. Also I can't say enough about the talent, care, and love that comes from @aboyandhiskite when we are in a session or out taking a break. (He has a new @loudharp record coming soon too) Honored to work with these amazing people. Here's a gear pic cause that's what I'm supposed to do?
I seriously cannot wait for Doe River tomorrow! #stoked #doerivergorge
새 기타, 새 신발 그리고 새로 세팅한 보드까지
#ngd Found a great deal on a matching @drzamps Z best cab to go with my Prescription ES. Now to figure out if I like it better vertical or horizontal best.
Awesome new Infinite Jets Demo from @knobs_demos up on YouTube today! New batch goes on sale at 12PM Noon EST
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