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  • Justin's face tho
    19-Jun-2017 14:37:20 PM
  • Justin loves it
    19-Jun-2017 18:52:39 PM
    20-Jun-2017 12:42:48 PM
  • Justins face 😂💀jsjajaksjakajajsjshjsksjs
    21-Jun-2017 05:43:21 AM
  • @indiraaax ik viel serieus van mn stoel af
    21-Jun-2017 21:45:15 PM
  • 22-Jun-2017 07:29:49 AM
  • Justin's shook😂😂
    22-Jun-2017 23:06:52 PM
  • Justin is us rn
    23-Jun-2017 02:22:18 AM
  • Damn she got justin mesmerized
    23-Jun-2017 04:29:27 AM
  • Justin like damn ma
    25-Jun-2017 15:38:44 PM
  • My guuuuuuuurl 😍 @roxannesimone
    25-Jun-2017 18:30:56 PM
  • @adriennebongi07 she is everything and the cherry on top
    25-Jun-2017 19:25:05 PM
    29-Jun-2017 08:19:16 AM
  • @rohanstoppedrolling AND YOU SAY SHE ISNT HOT
    03-Jul-2017 01:08:33 AM
  • Wow the one on right is btteer @anyaggrace
    03-Jul-2017 01:08:57 AM
  • @rohanstoppedrolling justins reaction is me ok
    03-Jul-2017 01:09:33 AM
    03-Jul-2017 03:50:15 AM
  • I like justin's reaction😂😂
    05-Jul-2017 00:50:56 AM
  • That was the moment Justin knew black lives matters 😂😍
    05-Jul-2017 20:58:27 PM
  • Song
    08-Jul-2017 06:36:33 AM
  • @crookedmutt fresh off the runway by rihanna
    10-Jul-2017 16:26:34 PM
  • Justin's face 😍😍😍
    13-Jul-2017 23:07:26 PM
  • Walks into my exs funeral like
    15-Jul-2017 00:12:25 AM
  • 😚😚😚😚😚
    20-Jul-2017 13:56:41 PM
  • Justin needed some water😂
    25-Jul-2017 01:57:50 AM
  • Justin in the end😂
    27-Jul-2017 18:43:26 PM
  • 30-Jul-2017 12:04:31 PM
  • OMG Justin's face
    05-Aug-2017 21:44:41 PM
  • Justin's face omg 😂😂
    06-Aug-2017 19:28:08 PM
  • Justin's face😂
    09-Aug-2017 07:40:11 AM
  • 14-Aug-2017 10:26:05 AM
  • @felisattiemmaaa eccomi🤷🏼‍♀️
    14-Aug-2017 10:26:53 AM
  • Dayum! Bieber' thirsty!
    15-Aug-2017 16:59:39 PM
  • Dkgjdkvfjggd
    01-Sep-2017 08:18:29 AM
  • She's slay!
    09-Sep-2017 17:41:33 PM
  • Justin is SHOOKETH
    11-Sep-2017 03:10:54 AM
  • Justin is shooked @geniiiixx
    12-Sep-2017 22:20:23 PM
  • 22-Sep-2017 20:39:10 PM
  • 30-Sep-2017 17:57:58 PM
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