Photographer Randy Haron ( @2ndfloorguy) offered a bird’s-eye view of Manhattan for #WHPhomesweethome. “I wanted to get a shot of the residents in New York,” he says of the symmetrical apartment buildings below. Photo by @2ndfloorguy

  • 03-Jun-2017 22:00:09 PM
  • Que hermoso
    03-Jun-2017 23:24:39 PM
  • Ого какой красивий з гляд
    05-Jun-2017 06:13:37 AM
  • City coverage
    05-Jun-2017 15:17:27 PM
  • Inception! 😳😄
    05-Jun-2017 21:41:06 PM
  • Hermosa panoramica
    06-Jun-2017 03:20:33 AM
  • 😋😋😋
    06-Jun-2017 05:40:07 AM
  • 漂亮
    06-Jun-2017 12:00:13 PM
  • Up
    07-Jun-2017 07:03:37 AM
  • Buzzy place lol
    07-Jun-2017 16:11:39 PM
  • Wow amazing
    07-Jun-2017 18:48:25 PM
  • I can inviseon
    07-Jun-2017 23:36:03 PM
  • احح وين ذي الصورهه
    08-Jun-2017 18:59:25 PM
  • Amazing 😎
    09-Jun-2017 07:56:08 AM
  • So beautiful
    09-Jun-2017 21:02:44 PM
  • I live in a city as well but I look at rhis and think how very. Very sad like Dylan's little boxes song !!!!! We have driven through the projects of Chicago and counted our blessings we felt TGE nature of TGE gazes at us and beat it out?of there !!!!
    10-Jun-2017 04:43:32 AM
  • Tetris
    11-Jun-2017 14:20:55 PM
    11-Jun-2017 19:14:02 PM
  • Wow this even exist?
    11-Jun-2017 23:28:59 PM
  • Parecen las piezas del juego TETRIS.
    12-Jun-2017 06:23:25 AM
  • Cool
    12-Jun-2017 15:21:17 PM
  • That is big
    13-Jun-2017 03:04:33 AM
  • amazing 👍
    18-Jun-2017 07:20:43 AM
  • Jolie
    18-Jun-2017 12:03:23 PM
  • Hiç yeşil alan yok 😦😧 sıkıcı
    21-Jun-2017 05:52:46 AM
  • I though he is getting better view to find an address.
    25-Jun-2017 19:34:14 PM
  • bello
    02-Jul-2017 22:14:00 PM
  • منظر بضيق الخلق
    04-Jul-2017 00:18:29 AM
  • Follow nanti saya akan follow anda kembali
    04-Jul-2017 04:55:04 AM
  • Sky scrapers
    08-Jul-2017 04:03:43 AM
  • Amazing
    11-Jul-2017 07:16:27 AM
  • Unbelievable 😮
    11-Jul-2017 21:35:58 PM
  • Is that Stuyvesant town...
    18-Jul-2017 12:59:40 PM
  • 👌🏾
    06-Aug-2017 00:25:58 AM
  • Omg Nice
    06-Aug-2017 19:06:14 PM
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