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Photographer Randy Haron ( @2ndfloorguy) offered a bird’s-eye view of Manhattan for #WHPhomesweethome. “I wanted to get a shot of the residents in New York,” he says of the symmetrical apartment buildings below. Photo by @2ndfloorguy

  • Wow
    22-May-2017 18:31:59 PM
  • Extraordinary🙌🏻✨
    22-May-2017 18:35:24 PM
  • 22-May-2017 19:21:40 PM
  • Looks awesome
    22-May-2017 19:47:40 PM
  • 😍
    22-May-2017 21:11:06 PM
  • Лайки
    22-May-2017 21:21:16 PM
  • @instagram someone is impersonating our brand, stealing pictures from us and passing of as theirs but we are unable to report from the app. Please help
    22-May-2017 21:24:42 PM
  • I looked at the left and thought oh look a bunch of flasks
    22-May-2017 21:26:47 PM
  • Nice picture
    22-May-2017 21:30:29 PM
  • 💢
    22-May-2017 21:48:17 PM
  • 👍
    22-May-2017 21:48:52 PM
  • L
    22-May-2017 21:48:54 PM
  • Très belle prise
    22-May-2017 22:31:57 PM
  • kassw
    23-May-2017 02:02:45 AM
  • It does look odd
    23-May-2017 02:44:22 AM
  • wow
    23-May-2017 05:59:51 AM
  • Our future??!
    23-May-2017 06:55:07 AM
  • Nyc pic
    23-May-2017 09:35:19 AM
  • Its amazing Fabo..👍👌👌
    23-May-2017 09:49:14 AM
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