This hack is about as simple as it can get! You can easily turn a mason jar into a simple dispenser with just an empty juice carton. Free and handy - two of my favorite things!! Click the link in my profile to get the quick instructions.

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Another freehand mini rose. I do a lot of these but I try and change and make them all a lil different every time. Who's planning to get a mini rose by me? TAG A FRIEND!! to get tattooed by me, book on #LineGod
All is not what it seems. By @wizzdesign. Follow: @URBANSPOON.
favorite song at the moment? - @ripfairy - i’m proud of you for staying alive. and i’m grateful. i don’t think that gets said enough, but thank you for taking care of yourself. thank you for doing the hard stuff. thank you for making yourself live even when it felt like living was the worse of the options. thank you for fighting. and thank you even if it’s ugly and doesn’t feel good and barely even looks like recovery. relapse happens. i’ve been where you are. people like you pulled me out. thank you for pulling me out. and know that if you need a hand i’m here and so are so many other people who have seen into the night and know what it feels like when it bites. so just. thank you for being alive. (inkskinned)
Beautiful @coenmitchell