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  • Wow
    16-May-2017 17:30:33 PM
  • Amazing
    16-May-2017 18:54:33 PM
  • Omg so sick
    16-May-2017 18:58:07 PM
  • @010daniel_ @ruben_0174 @jim_meijerr see this one, amazing
    16-May-2017 18:58:50 PM
  • Zo super leuk ik geniet er helemaal van !!!!!! @basz_0174 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    16-May-2017 19:09:20 PM
  • @010daniel_ i don't understand you, please talk english
    16-May-2017 19:17:34 PM
  • I want that thing zo graag😂😍
    16-May-2017 19:17:59 PM
  • I like this very much and i would love to get such a nice thing from this account with real giveaways @basz_0174 this is the greatest i ever see
    16-May-2017 19:18:44 PM
  • There s never gonna be such a great account! Please keep posting!
    16-May-2017 19:19:41 PM
  • @thomas_vdmeer check out dat je not om your own grappen moet lachen😅
    16-May-2017 19:19:42 PM
  • @010daniel_ yes i would win it too, a dream come true of i win this
    16-May-2017 19:20:15 PM
  • @basz_0174 yes i believe this is real , there is no way this is fake!
    16-May-2017 19:20:49 PM
  • @010daniel_ he's even so real als snapking his videos
    16-May-2017 19:21:18 PM
  • @basz_0174 yes, and better than dolfijn armoo
    16-May-2017 19:21:54 PM
  • @basz_0174 do you know the owner of this account? I would like to see the best man in the world with this great account
    16-May-2017 19:22:30 PM
  • 16-May-2017 23:06:05 PM
  • Thsi is getting out of hand😂😭 who's with me!
    17-May-2017 00:48:45 AM
  • 17-May-2017 04:40:34 AM
  • @010daniel_ i aboslutly don't know who the owner is
    17-May-2017 05:18:29 AM
  • 7 followers and you have 100
    17-May-2017 05:37:01 AM
  • 1000*
    17-May-2017 05:37:11 AM
  • Ww
    17-May-2017 12:38:17 PM
  • 17-May-2017 13:05:04 PM
  • Dope
    17-May-2017 13:09:48 PM
  • Omg this one is so dope mate
    17-May-2017 14:23:44 PM
  • Let me win🙏🏼
    17-May-2017 14:23:52 PM
  • hai, it's appreciated check our page 🙊
    17-May-2017 14:48:13 PM
  • Fakeeeee
    17-May-2017 14:56:09 PM
  • Wow
    17-May-2017 15:25:49 PM
  • Wtf why do people want this bull
    17-May-2017 20:18:53 PM
  • 18-May-2017 00:04:18 AM
  • Daaaammnnn that shit looks dangerous
    18-May-2017 01:26:57 AM
  • And I call it the "Hannah Baker" fidget spinner😂😂😂
    18-May-2017 02:17:27 AM
  • This is the spinner you'd get @alexmarin_13
    18-May-2017 05:31:29 AM
  • @samycarreno lo quierooooo 😆😍
    18-May-2017 11:05:14 AM
  • 🔥
    18-May-2017 11:48:13 AM
  • 18-May-2017 16:03:40 PM
  • @jessicalynnwhoa the kinda fidget I'm gunna bring to toys from home day
    19-May-2017 18:41:14 PM
  • I need this spinner
    07-Jun-2017 17:19:07 PM
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