Like and comment the best one 🔥 Cool magic tricks 🎆

  • It's not magic it's just musical
    25-May-2017 10:59:04 AM
  • Ly
    25-May-2017 10:59:10 AM
  • Omg
    25-May-2017 13:50:09 PM
  • What song is this
    25-May-2017 17:47:07 PM
  • @davidchristiansen denna videon asså
    25-May-2017 20:29:36 PM
  • 25-May-2017 21:47:38 PM
  • Buat gini ca @putrialiytsy
    26-May-2017 10:35:27 AM
  • Ingin q transisi tp apalah daya): @fierighani
    26-May-2017 11:53:55 AM
  • What song it is
    26-May-2017 14:14:57 PM
  • ) @divyata_pal 🎈🎈
    26-May-2017 16:11:00 PM
  • 26-May-2017 19:54:21 PM
  • What's his name 😂
    27-May-2017 11:27:18 AM
  • He's not a magician. He's just good editing videos
    27-May-2017 21:07:28 PM
  • WOW....😲😲👍👍👍
    28-May-2017 06:58:28 AM
  • omgg
    29-May-2017 06:49:37 AM
  • Send to me
    29-May-2017 22:14:33 PM
  • Whats his instagram
    30-May-2017 03:43:59 AM
  • What this song
    30-May-2017 07:19:54 AM
  • Ty
    30-May-2017 16:11:25 PM
  • Its called ADDICTED TO HER ;)
    31-May-2017 16:26:51 PM
  • I'd ride this roller coaster
    31-May-2017 17:45:32 PM
  • That's called transition
    01-Jun-2017 12:08:21 PM
  • 02-Jun-2017 10:22:20 AM
  • Song?
    02-Jun-2017 18:40:38 PM
  • OMG it called PHOTOSHOP not MAGIC
    03-Jun-2017 02:58:04 AM
  • It's just musically transitions so what?
    03-Jun-2017 11:25:09 AM
  • Ya true but it's so good
    03-Jun-2017 19:12:03 PM
  • @racheltahtaaa boom 😁
    08-Jun-2017 02:31:10 AM
  • @brotato_101 its a little adobe after effect not photoshop 😉
    08-Jun-2017 15:29:06 PM
  • @tizskittles if it's just musically transitions why don't u do cause it's obviously so easy🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    11-Jun-2017 18:58:34 PM
  • That's DOPE 💯
    12-Jun-2017 18:54:11 PM
  • I can watch his video all day what's his name?
    12-Jun-2017 18:56:26 PM
  • 13-Jun-2017 02:08:14 AM
  • @_.rob._.a._.dob._.flob.__ I do do it on my account
    13-Jun-2017 06:24:17 AM
  • Alright ur obviously better than him then @tizskittles
    13-Jun-2017 06:32:53 AM
  • I like this guy he's good
    19-Jun-2017 01:57:56 AM
  • Ashley's is too good
    19-Jun-2017 01:58:19 AM
  • Actually
    19-Jun-2017 01:58:25 AM
  • 21-Jun-2017 04:40:00 AM
  • Not a magician but muser..
    21-Jun-2017 04:59:19 AM
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