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  • Selena Gomez
    21-May-2017 22:25:51 PM
  •'s their mothers What a suprise!
    23-May-2017 02:32:16 AM
  • Mileys mom looks like Jenna Joseph
    25-May-2017 18:33:39 PM
  • 26-May-2017 21:40:50 PM
  • Wow anyone would of thought they were related 👏😨
    27-May-2017 15:04:42 PM
  • Song
    27-May-2017 17:41:03 PM
  • Song?
    28-May-2017 00:30:34 AM
  • @fadilaarjuna company by Justin Bieber
    28-May-2017 08:22:20 AM
  • @856.shorty company by Justin Bieber
    28-May-2017 08:22:29 AM
  • 28-May-2017 11:12:34 AM
  • Wow that's so weird that people would look like their parents...
    28-May-2017 17:40:07 PM
  • not demi justin or harry's
    29-May-2017 02:04:40 AM
  • Wow I can't believe celebrities look like their moms 😱
    29-May-2017 03:30:13 AM
  • 29-May-2017 07:49:29 AM
  • Selenas mom looked more like da artist than the other ones
    29-May-2017 12:36:09 PM
  • Selena looked more like her mom
    31-May-2017 01:52:53 AM
  • 31-May-2017 08:07:27 AM
    02-Jun-2017 11:45:49 AM
  • Okay but after Demi Lovato none of them looked like their parents 😂😂😂😂
    02-Jun-2017 23:26:46 PM
  • Who the hell else are they supposed to look like 😂
    03-Jun-2017 21:41:47 PM
  • Aww my bby harry 💚💚💚
    04-Jun-2017 03:03:46 AM
  • Selana and her mother look very pretty
    04-Jun-2017 18:21:44 PM
  • tf they're supposed to look like their mothers
    04-Jun-2017 20:16:19 PM
  • They look NOTHING like their mothers 😂
    04-Jun-2017 22:28:10 PM
  • They're supposed to look like their mothers! Their mothers gave BIRTH TO THEM😂
    05-Jun-2017 07:57:54 AM
  • I mean who doesn't look like their own mothers?
    05-Jun-2017 22:38:01 PM
  • Yessssssssssss
    06-Jun-2017 11:29:39 AM
  • @medinaaslan wtf moren til Selena så deitt ung ut. Trodde først det var en venn eller no før jeg leste teksten
    07-Jun-2017 20:26:56 PM
  • @ugochi_17 Selena looks exactly like her mother😂 and my mother gave birth to me and I look exactly like my dad? You don't always have to look like your mom lol
    09-Jun-2017 07:59:18 AM
  • @ugochi_17 I never said you had to change your opinion. It's a fact Selena has her moms eyes, lips , body , and head shape. She had her dads nose and Mexican decent.
    09-Jun-2017 10:39:57 AM
  • @ugochi_17 lol okay. She is literally a split image of her mother but whatever
    09-Jun-2017 10:40:50 AM
  • @ugochi_17 k and I saying they do don't start being a little bitch
    09-Jun-2017 15:33:00 PM
  • @ugochi_17 you seem very smart for a 11 year old. Is that nicer for ya?
    10-Jun-2017 02:27:11 AM
  • Omg everyone is throwing hissing fits saying 'who else are they supposed to look like' and being sarcastic 'wow who knew people would look like their mothers' but like seriously? I look nothing like my mother. My mother and sister look very much alike and me and my dad look very much alike but I look nothing like my mom and my sister looks nothing like my dad. Not everyone gets their looks from their mother.
    11-Jun-2017 21:15:27 PM
  • I thought miley's mom died?
    12-Jun-2017 16:00:28 PM
  • harry💙💚💛💜
    17-Jun-2017 16:54:19 PM
  • @queentinyplugs wow! who would have thought
    18-Jun-2017 00:22:10 AM
  • @heidy_marti they look almost nothing like their moms lmao
    18-Jun-2017 01:33:06 AM
  • Selena looks like her mom
    19-Jun-2017 22:03:03 PM
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