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  • @katie.davis10 WOOOOOOOOOOOO
    10-May-2017 18:36:46 PM
  • @y.ferretiz why do you care to be bitchy to kids tho like u are a 'mum to be' and would u like your kid to be argued at online just cause someone doesn't believe u? Obviously no
    10-May-2017 21:48:56 PM
  • @jesstam.x Because I said I really don't care anymore? Lol, cool, bitch.
    10-May-2017 21:49:54 PM
  • @y.ferretiz ??? Why are u calling me a bitch??
    10-May-2017 21:50:51 PM
  • Where and what do I search up to find the full video
    12-May-2017 05:35:59 AM
  • he looks like a young benedict cumberbatch
    14-May-2017 02:15:50 AM
  • This actually made me cry 😭
    14-May-2017 08:11:26 AM
  • 15-May-2017 21:11:09 PM
  • I'm literally crying @taraakenneyy and it's not even that he's super good it's just that he's adorable and his story!!!! Omg
    17-May-2017 01:57:18 AM
  • @_bhavika___ I'm literally crying😒
    17-May-2017 10:08:37 AM
  • @jesstam.x forget about her, she's probably acting defensive because of low self-esteem.
    18-May-2017 04:01:45 AM
  • Who is he
    20-May-2017 16:43:41 PM
  • 😭😭😭
    20-May-2017 17:53:26 PM
  • 22-May-2017 10:50:21 AM
  • This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen @sassiecassie54
    22-May-2017 21:14:33 PM
  • Omggg awww @cece_youlater
    22-May-2017 21:24:50 PM
  • 25-May-2017 19:37:43 PM
  • @_bridgetcarroll i'm deadass crying
    25-May-2017 23:41:23 PM
  • I'm crying, it was so good
    26-May-2017 05:05:04 AM
  • This one had me crying 😭 😭 xx
    26-May-2017 16:48:10 PM
  • Made me cry 😩😭 @kugelblitz_roman
    27-May-2017 07:20:21 AM
  • The whole thing made me cry so hard😭 and the song reminded me of Ed Sheeran's Afire Love and Supermarket Flowers and right after he finished performing they played Supermarket Flowers and i just curled up in a ball and cried.
    27-May-2017 14:48:44 PM
  • 27-May-2017 17:14:16 PM
  • His voice is not bad, but not good as well. Maybe more lessons and it will be better (sorry its just my point of view and all)
    27-May-2017 22:20:34 PM
  • 😒
    28-May-2017 08:48:04 AM
  • lol im crying
    28-May-2017 16:10:07 PM
  • It's Harry Gardener, he's my dad nephew!πŸ˜…πŸ’—
    30-May-2017 09:41:38 AM
  • Awww ima break out in tears nd he's not alone
    31-May-2017 01:59:59 AM
  • I cried so badly
    31-May-2017 08:56:16 AM
  • 😒
    04-Jun-2017 04:49:35 AM
  • LISTEN TO THE LYRICS AUGSHSSH IM CRYING @kyleebshin @emily.nguyen9672
    04-Jun-2017 22:53:27 PM
  • im teary eyed @melanie.v0
    05-Jun-2017 00:02:31 AM
  • I'm crying
    05-Jun-2017 02:53:12 AM
  • 😭😒
    06-Jun-2017 03:22:37 AM
  • @megan_vingoe i'm literally crying. and i don't cry
    08-Jun-2017 16:21:58 PM
  • @_turayaevans_ weeping rn
    08-Jun-2017 20:25:33 PM
  • @maddiewelsh.xo so your cousin?
    13-Jun-2017 04:04:30 AM
  • Im crying
    20-Jun-2017 02:03:50 AM
  • I'm in tears πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
    06-Aug-2017 22:55:35 PM
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