a month ago

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  • 14-May-2017 16:37:44 PM
  • I like her voice I just dont think this was a good song for her to sinh
    15-May-2017 19:40:59 PM
  • @chelizey it's pat benatar lol 😊 @cennia101
    16-May-2017 02:44:41 AM
  • @jenni_maiden I knew I was spelling her name wrong. But you caught the gist of it. Thank you for the true spelling though.
    16-May-2017 02:45:29 AM
  • I love it so much ❤❤❤
    16-May-2017 09:43:41 AM
  • Omg wtf @taraakenneyy i'm sorry I keep commenting your name on literally every single thing I say but they're all just so good and this lady is crazy
    17-May-2017 01:59:31 AM
  • Song?
    17-May-2017 08:55:01 AM
  • Wie heißt das lied?
    18-May-2017 13:15:13 PM
  • I saw that episode and at the beginning of her audition she actually did good... then she did the doll act
    19-May-2017 04:22:48 AM
  • Living doll 😀😀 @moreenelias
    19-May-2017 18:01:37 PM
  • They're so shook💀💀 @smolsizedhun
    19-May-2017 22:51:31 PM
  • Actually all of the haters should back off because Sada vidoo has a very successful singing career and I'd like to see if you haters could go that far.💖
    20-May-2017 16:11:37 PM
  • @priscillamichella can't you accept the fact that she is different. Don't act this way
    20-May-2017 16:13:14 PM
  • Lit 💯
    20-May-2017 17:54:41 PM
  • @kendacunha 😂😂
    21-May-2017 00:12:12 AM
  • @xx_abigail_sparkles_xx Oh...sorry...she just creep me out..but i knoe shes different..and special ..Im really sorry
    21-May-2017 02:16:13 AM
  • 22-May-2017 02:50:21 AM
  • I feel she sang very beautifully
    22-May-2017 03:07:55 AM
  • @gillianh813 I'm genuinely terrified
    22-May-2017 15:53:17 PM
  • Wow, 🙊different voices, different textures but from the same mouth 👏👏👏👏
    23-May-2017 15:46:08 PM
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Una de cuando cumplí 0 años 😍.
Forgot to post oh mami que linda😘
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