2 months ago

Part 2 to my #fbf if my 1 year hair growth journey using my Hair + Skin + Nails vitamins. I haven't straightened my hair in 2 months and just been wearing it curly. And now I'll be protective styling for the next 2 months. I wonder what my growth will look like by July? • • • #thebiggerthehair #hair #growth #protectivestyles #hsnvitamins #SummersItWorksLifestyle

  • Yesssss honey!!! Goals
    21-Apr-2017 22:20:54 PM
  • @beatbybronzze you should do a length check. I'm sure your results should be amazing!
    22-Apr-2017 01:42:02 AM
  • I was gonna do one in November. Remember I kept cutting my ends from the damage. Mayb I'll do one in the summer.
    22-Apr-2017 02:22:36 AM
  • @beatbybronzze ok yes! I can't wait to see. Just keep being. Insistent.
    22-Apr-2017 03:24:17 AM
  • That's alot of hair, i just got struck with hair jealousy😂😍
    22-Apr-2017 08:15:01 AM
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