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Time for my trip to LA and then Mexico for the @thefitweekend ✈️ See you all soon 💪🏻
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Today was fun 🌊 #surf #surfing #dosportlive #doer #naturesaysdo #silisunglasses #sili #dylansurfboards #standingout #sponsors #health #fitness my new 4mm @jangawetsuits and @dosportlive wetsuit felt amazing! Looks pretty rad too! 🏄
Dari pengalaman buruk yang mereka alami, pada akhirnya mereka juga membentuk pemikiran yang sama terhadap orangtuanya. Para peneliti mengatakan bahwa anak-anak yang mendapat perlakuan kekerasan dari orangtuanya juga mengalami gangguan kesehatan mental, kesulitan dalam hal kognitif dan mengembangkan sikap anti-sosial serta agresif berlebihan. #infia #infiahealth #health
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A lot of things have changed over this year, but some things haven't... late nights at the gym. Staying until the guy that works there tells you they are closing. Working out legs while everyone else is out getting wasted. Going to the grocery store at midnight and prepping your food for the week. (Carrying all the groceries in one trip) Then cooking til 1 in the morning. I did this before with two jobs and no excuses. It's Saturday night who is workin?! #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial