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Throwing some love to the guys at BioAstin for hanging with me at Oceanside! There's a lot of nutrition companies out there, and I look for quality in products, as well as the quality of people behind the products. As a pro, nutrition's huge for me, and I still learn a ton every time from these guys. So thanks for supporting me and all the athletes out there, and rocking out at Ironman 🤘🏽 #TeamLeiferman #AllDayErrDay #ITakeBioAstin Cliff notes: Bioastin is Hawaiian Astaxanthin that supports joints, tendons, skin and cardiovascular health -- naturally. @itakebioastin
Last two working sets of squats Sets were 135 2 sets, 225 1 set, 315 1 set, 405 1 set, working set 495x6, working set 585x4, working set 495x7 #teamprofx #legday #squats #sundayfunday
With my dear international guests during #tbilisifashionweek 🌱 #beforetheshow me wearing 👗 by @miapailodze 🍀
Here's hoping 26 can top 25 !!! Happy bday my sis I love ya :):)
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"Why not just use a dumbbell" they'll say. These are individuals who are simply expressing their own LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and CREATIVITY. They would rather stay on the beaten path of what others have already created for them. Not me, tho! This path is to crowded for me. I would rather create a NEW path. An untraveled path -then turn around and see nothing but REAL WARRIORS battling behind me! @realbodybuilding #JOINWARRIOR NEXT LEVEL! EXPERIENCE REAL CHALLENGE! GET YOUR 12-WEEK WORKOUT PROGRAM, AB ROUTINE, & 12 WEEKS OF COACHING!! DM ME TODAY FOR DETAILS (Serious inquiries only please)
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Oh well. Sips my juice. #hardheadmakesasoftbutt
ჩა ჩა ჩა 💃🏼🕺🏻😂😂 #tbilisifashionweek2017
Adding strength training to my triathlon regimen has made me really sore but really happy! I can feel the "gains!" 🚴🏼‍♀️💪🏼 Good morning Wednesday! Bike and lifting session! ✔️ #tri #bike #bikemhk #triathlon #happiness #triathlete #triathlontraining #70point3 #lift #lifting #irongirl #swimbikerun #ironman #garmin #garmin735xt #strength #strengthtraining #1800Gear #maddog #cycle #cycling #gains
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