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    21-Apr-2017 18:14:11 PM
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มอร์นิ่งค่ะ วันศุกร์ขอให้สุขๆๆๆๆนะคะ #เยิฟเยิฟ
Occhi pigri💕🙄
🎁ŞEFFAF KARGO  ile Önce Ürünü gör sonra Ödeme yap. 🔥YENI SEZON NIKE AIRMAX🔥 ✔Kapıda ödeme kolaylığı ve Güvencesi ♻ Değişim Garantisi 💯Müşteri Memnuniyeti 👞36-44 Arası numaralar mevcuttur. ⏳2 - 3 Günde Teslimat 📞Wp Sipariş: 0531 973 7898 💰Fiyatı:99.90
Century City, 05/2017. I went out shopping with @raphlefriant and made the mistake of taking my camera with me. this is what followed
Bicampeão 🇧🇷 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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😲Yeni Sezon Gözde Serisi İle Stoklarımızda Kargo Ucreti Yok -Kapida Ister K.karti ister Nakit Odeyebilirsiniz -56 Saat Icinde Surat Kargo Ile Hizli Teslim -Dileyene Seffaf Kargo (Kapida Urunu Gorup )Aliyosunuz -35-45 Arasi Tum Numaralar Mevcut -Detayli Bilgi ve Sparis icin -watsap 05319739013
Thankful ♥️🇺🇸🙏🏼 📸 by @everchanginghorizon
Feliz Día de la Madres para todas las madres Dominicanas, sobre todo mi madre y mi hermana que me hicieron quien soy. Happy Mother's Day to all Dominican mothers, especially my mother and my sister who made me who I am. #mom #sister #ProudDominican #DR
Freshman year's gone swimmingly 🌲🤓🏊🏻‍♀️
Suited and booted 👌🏼
Had the weirdest dream last night 🔺
all weekend long 😬
«Se non conosci te stessa non potrai avere mai un grande stile. Non sarai mai veramente viva. Per me il peggiore passo falso nella moda è quello di guardarsi allo specchio e non riconoscere te stessa». . #fashion #moda #fashionlook #nice #photooftheday #hair #relax
This flag was flown aboard the C-130 that dropped the MOAB that killed over 95 ISIS soldiers. It's been carried through the Senate, House of Representatives, Vietnam, Washington, Lincoln, WW2, and Korea Memorials, and unfolded at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Do you want to own this piece of American history? You're in luck, my good friend @johnburk1 is holding a raffle for this badass memento but it ends tomorrow! 25% of proceeds go to Active Heroes Charity and 75% goes to the Chad O Memorial Foundation that treats PTSD symptoms for veterans and first responders using EMDR; a non pharmaceutical method that's making a real difference. This flag is a constant reminder of American strength in the face of radical Islamic terror. #TeamTomi #moab #memorialday #moabflag
Happy Birthday to us 🎉 We are celebrating by releasing a limited edition Birthday Bag for only $35 ($46 value) for limited time only! Get it now and get a FREE Birthday Cake SSS and FREE worldwide shipping! @lapetitechicmommy
New York, New York
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