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Tan and peachy... #latinbillboardawards2017 See my full performance from that night on my twitter and Facebook
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // Sailing on silver seas after the massive storm that hit our ship with 60-knot winds and 8-meter seas for 5 days finally cleared. Our crew was delighted by the exhilarating speed and acrobatic turns of a pod of Peal’s dolphins that accompanied our expedition vessel for several hours as we began crossing the Drake passage on our way back to the Falklands. On #Assignment for @NatGeo, @NatGeoPristineSeas and @Sea_Legacy with @PaulNicklen, @Ladzinski, @Andy_Mann and @CraigWelch. Grateful for the opportunity to shoot on this important story. To follow the progress of our campaign to protect the Antarctic Peninsula #Follow my account at @CristinaMittermeier. . . . #gratitude #beauty #savetheocean #10by2020 #PhotographersforAntarctica #LasMalvinas #dolphins #love #ocean
magical sunsets πŸŒ„βœ¨
Hung out and got hungover πŸ–€
Keep your loved ones close... #ShadesOfBlue TONIGHT at 10pm on NBC!
Photo by @cookjenshel On Arbor Day we need to celebrate the amazing mangrove tree, which prevents the salinization and erosion of coastal soils, creates wildlife habitat, and acts as a barrier for storm surges – among its many attributes. Unfortunately the world has lost more than 50% of its original mangrove forests, due to coastal development, shrimp aquaculture, and charcoal production. These trees are on the forefront of mitigating climate change, so if you are inclined to plant a tree for Arbor Day – this would be a good one to choose. Happy Arbor Day! @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ArborDay #mangrove #trees #EvergladesNationalPark #Florida #climatechange
Photo by @cookjenshel On Arbor Day we need to recognize the important role that trees play keeping our planet healthy. During one year, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange. In this era of human induced climate change we need them more than ever. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ArborDay #WiseTrees #climatechange #planttrees #savenature #trees
Photo by @dguttenfelder North Koreans on the square in front of Pyongyang's central train station.
Photo by @TomasVH. Are we at a point in the evolution of photography where the medium has become weaponized? Cameras are increasingly deployed for surveillance, spying, or targeting. I often wonder whether these uses have already eclipsed traditional ones, such as portraiture and fine art. I'll be exploring these questions in the year ahead with a Fellowship in partnership with the @PulitzerCenter. Follow me at @tomasvh as the project develops. Read more thoughts on this subject on the NatGeo website: #everydayeverywhere #catchlightfellows #catchlight
Photo by @jenniferhayesig // Elkhorn Coral glows like gold beneath the setting sun in Gardens of the Queen National Marine Park, Cuba. Elkhorn Coral is an important reef building coral in the Caribbean that is now critically endangered and drastically diminished throughout its original range. Populations of Elkhorn coral have managed to survive and even thrive in this protected remote archipelago located fifty miles off the souther cost of Cuba. Descending into this marine sanctuary, the largest in the Caribbean, is like descending into a time machine to see a vintage Caribbean Sea. Photographed for @natgeo story Caribbean Crown Jewels in Tourisms Path. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #coral #cuba #endangeredspecies #nationalpark #beauty #followme for #moreocean @daviddoubilet and @jenniferhayesig
Just uploaded an April beauty hits & missed now up on my YouTube channel ✨LINK IN BIO TO VIEW✨ and make sure to subscribe xo!
Ooh-la-la! How adorable are these macaron-inspired #PocketBac treats?! πŸ’‹
#MetGala ready. Behind the scenes with @bellahadid, now on Instagram Stories.
Motto for tonight
Celebrando con la familia! @bcnopenbs
Ily New York!❀🍎
Sogni d'oro da me e da Sciutty! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€
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All that glitters is gold for Toerless Muse Flat. πŸ“· @cljjr
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