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    21-Apr-2017 19:55:44 PM
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    22-Apr-2017 03:35:22 AM
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Made this awhile back, never did anything with it so I'm just going to give it away to a random comic account that wants it. Leave a nice comment and I'll pick someone randomly tomorrow night :)
this is so lovely i love the look of marble
I'm so in love with these vintage plates by @BeatUpCreations!😍 It doesn't make me a little old lady... I swear! Besides. I know you lovelies love them too 😘❤️ And that's why I had a bunch made for @SaltLakeComicCon 🎉 So come get your granny on with me and scoop up your one-of-a-kind vintage plate at my Booth #523 before they are all gone! 😁 Oh! And shout out which is your fav! I can't decide😆 #vintageisbest #getyourgrannyon #platecollecting
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