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    24-Apr-2017 01:06:18 AM
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On our way to coach North's Pee-Wee soccer game!! Hoping to do better than last time tho... I'm a nervous eater and last game I accidentally ate 10 giant freezer bags worth of orange slices and then threw up all over Little Jeffrey's mom :l All good tho, as a way of saying sorry I'm bringing juicy pork sliders for the entire team! Always dope to get kids involved in outdoor activities at an early age and even more dope to teach them about nutritious snacks. #DefinitelyGunnaStealOne #PleaseDontTell #ThoseMomsAreSavageAF #PorkSliders
can't stop playing video, his reaction is so cute... I want to keep him in my pocket, protect him with all cost 😩❤️ __ © owner #taehyung #bts
Some of u Trump supporters have skin the thickness of tissue paper like i could say Trump probably doesnt tie his own shoes and y'all would write a 5 page essay MLA cited and everything about how 'Trump is the president whether I like it or not and he can, in fact, tie his shoes' that i don't read until weeks later... but go off i guess
Josh didn't invite his fictional TV step brother from a show that ended 10 years ago to his wedding and I think that's really sad.
HAHAHAHAH follow [ @tiredteeens] for more 💕💕
When pizza is life 🙌🏻🍕 & new #TUMSChewyBites gives you fast heartburn relief in every bite 😎 #ad