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A woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better 😎 #quotesoftheday #allthewayup #onmyway #happygirl
Pilih rupa ke hati? Jujur ☝️ . Nak lebih quote yang menarik follow👇 ➡ @iglelakivsperempuan@iglelakivsperempuan . #lelakivsperempuan
• H U M I L I T Y • Is defined as a modest or low view of one’s own importance. I don’t know about y’all but that sounds terrible to me. I have a theory that all humility is false humility until you are able to accept how incredibly powerful, radiant, dimensional, gravitationally large and priceless you are. False humility will trip you up. It’ll cause you to self sabotage. You’ll find excuses that distract you from the truth of your power, diversions to support the myth that you’re unimportant and manifest these deceptions to prove to yourself that it’s okay not to think of yourself as being as great as you have the potential to be. What a powerful trip we take ourselves on. 🤔 But DreamCatchers, lemme ask you this — is it humility to think you’re opinion about yourself is the absolute truth? Even if it’s a “humble” truth of your own unimportance. Is it humble of you to defame and ignore the immense power the Universe has instilled in you? I think thats hubris pretending to be humble. False humility. The word HUMILITY comes from the same Latin root as HUMILIATE (Humiliat) which literally means “to make humble”. So remember the act of humility (making yourself humble) is the act of humiliating yourself inside. Many of us feel the need to tear ourselves down on the inside just to make others feel comfortable on the outside. Even though it’s got more to do with the deceptions of their own power, not yours. My “humble” advice — when you do finally accept how immensely large, dynamic and gravitational you are it invokes REAL HUMILITY based in the acknowledgment of your true potential, gifts and power. Just something to think about. . Oh yeah there’s a dope song ➰in bio🔺 . #kinggypsy #morelove #DreamCatchers #tearsaway
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SWIPE 👉 "It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth." - Neil Armstrong