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We are home from the hospital!! Everyone is doing great! Michael is now officially a big brother.
Adults have the responsibility to guarantee that every kid on this planet is allowed to dream. Big and small dreams. Anu & Anthony Ubaud released their book for SOS children's village today. Me and my Finnish artist colleagues shared our stories to support their great cause. Book also contains tons of great pictures of us artists behind the scenes. Check it out! #suuriaunelmia #soslapsikylä
Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is a very good boy. Meet golden retriever Mambo ( @mambohitsgolden), a therapy dog who is part of INATAA, an animal assisted therapy organization from São Paulo. Mambo spends lots of time volunteering for people in need of some puppy power — often with a big crew of his canine companions. To learn more about Mambo’s life and work, follow @mambohitsgolden.
Photograph by @thomaspeschak During April/May 2017 I spent almost a month on remote Marion Island on assignment for @natgeo magazine. This South African Sub-Antarctic outpost is a true global seabird hotspot, with 28 species breeding there. These Southern rockhoppers are one of four different penguins that nest on Marion Island. Photograph shot on expedition with the South African Antarctic Program and the SA Department of Environmental Affairs. #southafrica #seabird #marionisland #penguin Follow #natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak for more photographs of penguins.
Photo by @renan_ozturk // words by #TheLastHoneyHunter film director @ben_knight- This is Maule Dhan Rai. The chosen honey hunter of his remote village in Saadi, Nepal. If no one else receives the blessing needed to safely harvest honey from these perilous cliffs, a generations-old tradition may fade away. Looking forward to screening #thelasthoneyhunter for the first time at @mountainfilm in Telluride this weekend. Incredibly grateful to my friends @jetbutterflies and @renan_ozturk for trusting me with this cultural version of the film and inviting me on this journey. Keep your eyes peeled for the July issue of National Geographic Magazine for more photographs by Renan and feature story by @marksynnott. @feltsoulmedia @camp4collective @dzifoundation @taylorfreesolo @travisrummel @sadiequarrier
Photograph by @paulnicklen // During a blizzard on Svalbard, Norway a mother polar bear plays with her young 4 month old cub while a fulmar flies overhead. We spent many hours with this female bear and her two cubs. She was patient, nurturing and a great teacher. She was also a great hunter as we watched her casually catch two ringed seals on the open sea ice. With their bellies full of seal meat, they had time to wrestle and play Queen of the castle. #followme on @paulnicklen to see her second cub and witness this tender and beautiful interaction captured on video. For @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier #polarbear #love #family #climatechangeisreal #honorparis
Photograph by @thomaspeschak Marine scientist @pelayosalinas uses a diver underwater stereo video (DUV) system to survey shark populations in the waters off Darwin's Arch. This northern corner of the Galápagos Islands is home to the greatest abundance of sharks anywhere on the planet. Dr. Salinas most recent research for the @saveourseasfoundation is focused on the impact of climate change on the sharks of the Galápagos. Check out the June 2017 issue of @natgeo magazine for my story on Galápagos and climate change. In collaboration with #galapagosnationalpark #paulmangellfoundation #darwinfound To see photographs of Galápagos's incredible shark populations follow @natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak
You ladies know how much I LOVE my music when I train. It motivates me and puts me in the best mood !! One of the things I'm obsessed with in the @sweat app is the Apple Music integration 🙌 If you have any songs that you want me to add to my playlists, post the name of them below! I'd love to listen to them 🎶 www.kaylaitsines.com/app
Chris Pine, the face of #ArmaniCode, cut a sharp figure last night in a #GiorgioArmani Made to Measure three-piece suit for the premiere of ‘Wonder Woman’ in Los Angeles. #ArmaniStars @armanibeauty
ماه رمضان آمد و ما چشم انتظار ربناى استاد از مسئولين صدا و سيما تمناى پخش ربناى استاد رو داريم 🙏 پ.ن. در زمان تب و تاب انتخابات شاهد رواج اين صحبت بوديم كه استاد شجريان خودشون مايل به پخش ربناى ايشون از صدا و سيما نيستند كه به هيچ وجه اينطور نبوده پايان بخش نامه استاد شجريان چنين بود؛ «به صراحت اعلام مي کنم که مايل نيستم صداي من از صدا و سيمايي پخش شود که بي اعتنا به حقوق هنرمندان است. قاطعانه از جنابعالي مي خواهم دستور دهيد هيچ اثري از من مطلقاً از راديو و تلويزيون پخش نشود. چون در ماه مبارک رمضان هستيم، تنها به احترام اين ماه مبارک و اداي دين به نيک سرشتي مردمي که در دامان آنها پرورش پيدا کرده ام، پخش «مناجات» و «ربنا» را اجازه مي دهم.»
" I been sippin' gin, you been sippin' Hennessy"
Cherish every Sunset and Cherish your loved ones around you. Kiss them whenever you can. Kissing is a beautiful and lovely thing. Don't mind the people who confused it with their dirty mind. 📸 @trianglepicture
عبالي انا الوحيدة ☹️💔💔 . . . #هند_مشعل . . . . . . .الحساب برعاية متجر روزلاين @Roseline.sa المتجر رقم 1 اللي يقدر يوفرلك كل اللي تحتاجينه للعناية بنفسك وبجمالك و بانوثتك 👱🏻‍♀ 🔹يوفر مشدات حرارية 🔥 🔸كريمات تبييض و تفتيح 💁🏼 🔹ماسكات للعناية بالشعر 🙆🏼 🔸اجهزة منزلية للعناية بالبشرة💆🏼 🔹يوفرون مقشر بلسان الالماني الشهير 🇩🇪 🔸و جهاز شفط الرؤوس السوداء 🙅🏼 🔹يسون مسابقات وعروض بشكل دائم 🎁 @Roseline.sa @Roseline.sa @Roseline.sa @Roseline.sa @Roseline.sa
Дакота с макияжем и без
マキダイと僕 RG: @Wiredmusicfestival 🙏🏻✨
سلام ، ظهر بخير ❤️
Вчера прозвенел последний звонок 🔔 👨🏼‍🏫👩🏽‍🏫Хочу пожелать всем Выпускникам и отдельно @lizinkaym и @yulcha.nikolaeva успешной сдачи и хорошего летнего отдыха после!!! ❤️ А когда поступите думайте всегда на будущее и за время учебы постарайтесь сделать как можно больше шагов вперёд, не разменивайтесь и не тратье время впустую... Студенческие годы пролетят быстро) Дерзайте😊 И не забывайте, что совмещать учебу, работу, танцы, возможно, главное грамотно к этому подойти. #гуу #мгу #гитр #ранхигс #мид И сгоняйте на посвят, я там не была, потом расскажете... #последнийзвонок2017 #выпусной2017 #юлианабухольц #танцынатнт #shooting #photo #style #moscow #model #vsco
Square of Contracts
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