• Very nice pic
    21-Apr-2017 18:11:10 PM
  • Lol....
    21-Apr-2017 18:20:36 PM
  • I was also there.. at ankil and ruchi's wedding..
    21-Apr-2017 18:27:33 PM
  • So beautiful ❤
    21-Apr-2017 19:30:56 PM
  • Oh yes...i was der for same function @arch.hardik
    22-Apr-2017 00:19:21 AM
  • @manthan1154 : so much swag😂
    22-Apr-2017 01:54:04 AM
  • U deserve raebareli only @malav_mb
    22-Apr-2017 06:26:32 AM
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Hi everyone this one is from my most favorite fog moments with @misslexy76 @larrynienkark @lmontezemolo @nicholassteinbergphotography I also offer one to one workshops or small groups - To help master your compositions & use of filters - for long exposure and water motion mastery. I am sponsored by @leefilters ! My workshops also specialize in hard to reach locations and full photo tours in the San Francisco Bay Area. Up to 10 people. You can see my website for pricing. ------------------------ ------------------------ All my photos are cropped for Instagram. If you are interested in seeing the full-size image contact me. ------------------------ ------------------------ Nikon D810 Tripod Tvc34 really right stuff Ball head Bh 55 Lens Nikon. 24 to 70 Shutter 100 seconds Aperture f8 ISo 160 White balance auto #WHPnaturalbeauty
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Brave little 8-week old lion cub tries to follow it's mum through the difficult muddy terrain that is much too hard to travel at this age let alone all the dangers that are waiting for them. One out of ten cubs reaches the first year. Lions really need big litters to survive as species. #lioncub #moremigamereserve #botswana #adorable #africageophoto #wildography #muddy #nature #africa #wwf #mum #wildlifephotography #wilderness #wildlandsafaris #okavangodelta #safarious #wildlplanetphotomagazine
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Canadian Goose lightbulb. I was walking down a narrow path when a family of four headed toward me from the opposite direction. I slowly sat down and started to photograph the two babies, mindful of the potential reaction from protective parents when they come near. They walked passed me mere inches away while I kept myself completely frozen. One of the babies curiously poked at my shoe and gave a little chirp when he found out how stinky it was. Mom and dad watched me like a pair of hawks but did not intervene. Later, a fellow birder told me this pair had seven chicks just a week ago, and now they are down to two. The mortality rate, even in this relatively calm reserve, is heartbrokenly high.
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The Selfie Look Shot by Anurag Swain @a_n_u_r_a_g__s_w_a_i_n exclusive at Wildlife of India. Tag : #picoftheday #photooftheday #animals #natgeoyourshot #dailyshot #bbc #instagram #incredible #india #instagood #beautiful #story #magazine #cover #published #mumbai #publication . Use #wildlifeindia & @wildlifeindia to get featured in our Page . Note : All images are Copyright with their Respective Owners . Unauthorized Use and / or Duplication of these images and Material Strictly Prohibited .
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من عدستي...مشهد نادر من نوعه....الذئب العربى يفترس حيوان النيص أو الشيهم الليلي (انطليت) محافظة ظـــــفــــــــــــار سلطنة عُمان The Arabian wolf is devoured by the Porcupine night animal
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