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Finally with this beauty @michelle_lewin 😍 💪🏼
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Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you once made. If you want different results, make different choices. Fitness apparel by @bodyengineersofficial -- ✖️NERI 3/4 Joggers ✖️Dream Chasers Vest 🌎worldwide shipping🌎 15% OFF code: BEsadik15 - Photocred: @paid2shoot 📸
SQUATS 🍑 Training @ausfitnessshow today ! Doing it all again tomorrow from 1pm ! ❤️🙏🏽 yew!!
Slow progress is better than no progress 💪
La parola è così piccola #workout #bodybuilding #gym #strength
Heaaaad shoulders knees and toes
buenos días
Sakura strolls 🍃🌸🎌
Who are you spending your time around/closest with? Are you spending your time around people who complain a lot? Or people who don't make you feel good about yourself? Do your people support your dreams and goals in life? - Why does this matter? Your people should love you, support you, and help you thrive in life!! Sometimes it's hard to take a look at who is close to you and how they impact your life. It's hard to let relationships go that have a negative energy. - Here are some of the things that my close people bless me with: they help push me towards my dreams even when I am feeling low. They make me LAUGH and have fun when I am around them. My close people don't talk about other PEOPLE; we talk about ideas, stories, and things that we are passionate about. They help ground me and fill my life with positivity. Everyone has negative energy in their life, but we need to take ensure that we are taking care of our well being and spending OUR energy on the people that bring out the best in us. ❤
Walking out the final like #bye
Life on the Island 🌴☀️💦
Lan Diego State 7! Hosted by @aleayeah & @rachelruna #sdsu premiere gaming event. Gaming, raffles, tournaments and game culture. All ages and skill levels welcome 🕹👌 Games and sponsors include but not limited to: #msi #evga #surgo #hearthstone #leagueoflegends #overwatch #sandiego #artistalley #supersmashbros #streetfighter #rocketleague See you there~
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