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When balling was my only Medicine to distract my mind from the actual Chaos that goes on in the daily this is where I come to Ventilate
Love food with those you love. Memories are created around food. Make sure your food is inclusive, not exclusive. FODMAP Friendly, Gluten Free, with No Preservatives
❣️❣️ så glad över att jag fick spendera balen med dem bästa jag vet
Always stay mindful of the goals that you’re trying to achieve. I never get caught up in how heavy I can lift or how strong I am compared to anyone else. I lift weights as a tool to build my muscles and shape my body as I want it to look to present onstage. That is the desired end result. The rest is just a process. Whether I squat 600 pounds or do lunges with 135 pounds, it’s the stimulation I feel from each and every rep. The rest is just feeding an ego, which can often time get us into more trouble than it’s worth. Surround yourself with those who encourage and push you in the right direction towards your goals. Don’t rush the journey—it will come in time. Be sure to pursue your passion in the gym and always stay positive. Work along side of me for the month of MAY and learn the tools to craft your physique - KAI @OFFICIALKAIGREENE.COM
So true
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Weekend Vibes. 🤙🏼 - ❓What is all my IG family doing this weekend and the US memorial 3 day weekend? #postonstrong
IL~ I know you probably don't wanna talk about this. But the night this picture was taken was something I'd regret for quite some time. I was hoping you weren't actually expecting anything from me at the time. But he told me you were somehow expecting to see me. From the things you've been showing and doing for me days before that night, and with what you did two nights before, I can actually see that somehow, I lead you on. In the end, I told you I couldn't come. I hope you know how sorry I was. I still am. I really wished I could show up. He said he thought you were quite expecting a surprise. I'm sorry if there was none at all that I could do for you before you left. If I had flown to Japan and I stayed with you even after you left, would things be different with us? If I didn't become afraid, will anything be different? I wish I could've spared you this burden if only I had gone. I might've done something. I feel that this is partly my fault. I guess that was why I was so mad. 💫 Right now, I sound just as crazy to you, right? I know you would've said otherwise from everything I said... but I won't take it back. If I had stayed, things won't be as complicated. I know you might still hate me a little for what I did, but I came back. It was hard to get you to see me again because of your status, but you still saw me. I was regretful of what I did, but I was also a little thankful. If I hadn't gone and come back and you saw me again, I wouldn't have believed that I was... "that" to you. Because of what happened, I have firmly believed that I was "that". ❇ Your crazy little girl will always be willing to sound crazy to the world, as long as you know what I speak of. You're what matters to me. None of them know who I really am, anyway. Only you know of your little girl. ❇ Why is this going nowhere? This is so funny~ Anyway, IL, I wanna say that I'm sorry for ruining something so wonderful. We're not something so real as others can call... but I know what this is. You know it too. You read that message. You saw it. And you were very considerate of me. It's okay. We'll take it a little easy. I can wait. Thank you for... that. Just... thank you. I guess that's all.
Energy balls to get me through the week 🍽⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾🏐🏉🎱 📍Home 💭Energy balls made with: ➖Oats (about 1/2 cup) ➖Dedicated coconut (about 1/8 cup) ➖3 tablespoon peanut butter ➖1 tablespoon maple syrup ➖1 tablespoon chia seeds ➖1/2 tablespoon organic cocoa powder🍫 ➖1/8 cup water💦 ➖2 tablespoon coconut oil 🤷🏼‍♀️Super yum and easy for an on the go snack! 😋
Something inspirational
Great morning at the Jewish Book Council hearing pitches from other authors and presenting my book #HealthyGutFlatStomach. Any sensitive Jewish bellies out there? #jewlit
New YouTube video! LINK IN BIO. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss a video update 👊🏼 - Video credit: @reelmuscle
Jones County, Georgia
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