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My little nutcase today enjoying Eland Lodge a bit 2 much 😍 #elandlodge #love #wild

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Petit cheat meal !
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A #Leopard tries dragging an Impala higher up her tree as another Leopard approaches below. #MoremiGameReserve, #Botswana. The red light is used because it causes much less stress than a white spot light. She was later able to get the Impala to a higher branch but almost dropped it on this attempt! Can you imagine carrying something close to your own weight by your teeth while climbing a tree!?
#PressPlay: my siblings and I when we're supposed to be cleaning and taking the chicken out to thaw 😂 via: @kidathegreat/ @newgeneration916
Goin' primal. 🦍 Good to finally have boots on the ground here in Georgia for production of #RAMPAGE. I head up an anti poaching unit out of Rwanda. My best friend is a rare albino gorilla named, George. Very bad people infect George, an alligator and a wolf with a serum. All three animals grow at an unprecedented rate. Their size, speed, agility and violent aggression is off the charts. They go on a deadly rampage and want to destroy the world. George not happy. Me not happy. When animals like you, they lick you. When they don't like you, they kill you. I will hunt down the bad people who did this to my best friend. And when I find them, I will not lick them. We have the best VFX monster making team (WETA) on the planet. Our actors and crew have been working very hard to raise the monster genre bar. As always, let's have some fun. Let's shoot. 🤙🏾 #PrimalDNA #George #Lizzy #Ralph #RAMPAGE
Tomorrow, @KimKardashian is here and she’s honest about absolutely everything.
#DariusMccrary and #JaleelWhite coming through with the strong #TBT vibes! #FamilyMatters
Photo by @jimmy_chin A view of Cerro Corcovado, part of the system of 11m acres committed by @tompkins_conservation and President Bachelet to become national parks in Chile. The protected acreage would be three times the size of Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park combined. #onassignment
#PressPlay: That #dab snatched my soul 😩😩😩 #Mood #MaskOff #AngelBrinks
Happy Sunday. Kid met a bird.
Photo by @stephenwilkes: Once they bloom, the massive crop of tulips just outside of Amsterdam have a short window to be enjoyed before workers cut them for vendors. Last year, I captured the crops just before the flowers were cut for a Day to Night image. This is a small portion of that image, which shows the almost unfathomable volume of beautiful tulips that are grown each year. #StephenWilkes #Amsterdam #tulips #tulipfields #flowers #DayToNight #Artitled #brycewolkowitzgallery #peterfettermangallery #monroegallery
#PressPlay: Yikes! #IsaiahThomas lost a tooth during the #Celtics playoff game against the #Wizards via. @espn
Happy Gday Lil Bro!!!! @travisscott Sendin Real Love From da Whole Gang!!!
I use hair extensions a lot so it's important to look after my natural hair so that is stays healthy and strong! I've been using @hairboostco Shampoo & Tonic to strengthen it up and help it grow as much as possible and I’ve seen such a massive improvement on my natural hair! Check them out if you have the same problem guys Hairboost.co.uk #healthy #strong #ad #shampoo #tonic #grow #hair
Flawless ✔️ Glowing ✔️ Ready ✔️ Shop via link in bio: #new #MACNextToNothing Face Colour and Pressed Powder, #new 140 and 141 Brushes, and #new In Extreme Dimension Skinfinish (3 new shades) and Blushes (11 new shades)! #Regram from @makeupsessions. #MACShop #NextToNothing #Highlight #FlawlessSkin #Glow #Slay
link na minha bioo ❤
Primeira parada do dia: Melrose Tranding Post! Essa sou eu vlogando e compartilhando com vocês! 🙋🏼📹 É um espaço gigante que vende de TU-DO um pouco! Tipo "'mercado de pulga"/feirinha livre como a gente conhece, sabe? As pessoas montam suas barracas ou tendas para venderem produtos novos, ou usados, de segunda mão ou de primeira, artesanato, roupas, antiguidades... é demaisssssssss! Gostoso pra passear e pra fuçar! Se coubesse na mala, levaria tanta coisa de decoração, que AFFFF... #NahCalifórnia
Finally Warm Sweet days 💕
#prisonbreak bro's finally back together.!!!!! Time to get this #shit done and blast it. 💪🖕😉
Marshmallow Alfajores Cookies @tastemadebr⠀ 📲 Save this recipe on our app! Link in bio.⠀ INGREDIENTS:⠀ ¾ cup butter, room temperature⠀ ¼ cup brown sugar⠀ ½ tsp molasses⠀ ½ tsp vanilla extract⠀ 1 ½ cups wheat flour⠀ ½ tsp ground cinnamon⠀ ½ tsp baking powder⠀ ½ tsp baking soda⠀ 1 ¼ cups chocolate cookies, crumbled⠀ 2 Tbsp milk⠀ 1 cup of granulated sugar⠀ ⅓ cup water⠀ 1 Tbsp corn syrup⠀ 2 egg whites⠀ 1 cup chocolate, melted⠀ STEPS:⠀ Preheat oven to 350ºF.⠀ In a bowl, beat the butter, brown sugar, molasses and vanilla extract for two minutes.⠀ Add the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, cookies and milk. Mix well with a spoon and hands. Set aside in the refrigerator.⠀ Make small balls, place them in a baking pan, flatten with your hand and place in oven for 25 minutes, or until golden brown.⠀ Make a thin syrup with sugar, water and corn syrup.⠀ Beat the egg whites in a mixer on low speed.⠀ When the egg whites are firm, add the thin syrup and beat until firm.⠀ After cooling, fill the cookies with marshmallow, cover with the chocolate, refrigerate and serve.⠀ #chocolate #alfajores #marshmallow #cookies #chocoholic #desserts⠀
That's my right arm right there.. 🙊❤️
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