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04. Desenvolvimento frontal na barra 4 x 12 + elev frontal barra 4 x 15 05 . Elev lateral 10 unilateral + 10 com pico de contração + até a falha ( 3 séries ) 06. Elev frontal no banco 3 x 15 + crucifixo no mesmo banco 3x 20 #fimdetreino #nainteGra #treinodagra #teamgracyanne #VemPraMax #bumbumnanuca #treinoanimal #teammaxtitanium #teammadrugao #fit #fitness #mundobt
❇️CONSISTENCY❇️ - First off please LIKE this post if consistency is something you have a hard time with 🙋🏻‍♂️ When it comes to training and diet, consistency and patience are easily at the top of the list as to why people fail to meet their expectations. It’s a frustrating thing I’ll admit! You work so hard for weeks to build a steady routine and all it takes is a few bad days in a row to completely fall off track and lose momentum. The thing I try and remember is that every day is another opportunity to start all over. You can either suck it up, admit your mistakes, and try to fix them OR you can keep living in the Groundhogs Day universe where you just keep saying “I’ll get back on track tomorrow”. There’s only so many excuses that can be made before you simply have to come to realization that it’s YOU that is failing YOU. Once you can accept that, the next question is “what are you going to do in order to succeed?” Oh and to explain the pics, the top left is where I want to be at again and the right side is where I’m at currently. Baby steps! Check out to sign up for our customized science based programs! #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #diet #health #iifym
At-home bodyweight workout #boompow. I almost skipped my workout entirely this day when I missed my 'window' to head to the gym but decided to get my head right and bust out one at home 😝. If you planned to workout but are feeling kind of lazy and changing your mind, just go, yo 👊🏻 (you'll feel better) - Upper: 🔹10 - Narrow -> wide plyo push-ups 🔹5 - Tempo tricep push-ups (3 sec hold: 1/2 way, bottom, 1/2 way, top) 🔹8+8 - Bird dog (on knees or toes) 🔹20 - Mountain climbers Rest and Repeat 3x - Lower: 🔹10+10 - Curtesy lunges 🔹10 - Squat to knees 🔹10+10 - Side lying hip raises (thanks @bretcontreras1 ☺️) Rest and Repeat 3x - My arms were screaming at me after this (esp those triceps) 😫🔥. You can rest a bit between exercises if you need to to continue. And of course you can modify and do the push-ups on your knees if you're working your way up to full pushies. - Ps Bella is half-way through a haircut. Be kind 😂🐈 🎵Lady Gaga x Throttle x Snakehips - Anything You Want (trademark mashup)
When I was braided up for my LA photo shoot.. ⏳😘 #embraceyourcurves #hourglassfigure #tbt
All smiles with @morningsmaria this #Thursday morning! #Solutions
Every day we wake up, we should have a specific purpose _ But the reality is, we don’t.... Life happens, and thats okay. The difference between high achievers and people who have “really good” excuses, is the ability to separate the current adversity, from the daily purpose _ Over the past 10 days, I have systematically added members to my team. _ Making those investments will only increase our ability to provide clearly simplified guidance. _ When we add up all of these “small” benefits is what is going make the BIG difference when this platform is released. _ _ Ease of use is the “X” factor and the variable that I’ll ensure success by simplifying this 30 day process. When I constructed our Task Timeline spanning from  Oct 7-30. As of right now, we are almost ONE WEEK ahead of schedule!!!! _ This incredible progress has allowed us to begin the filming & editing of the nutritional education and cooking segments that we didn’t have scheduled to start til next Tuesday! _ The November 1 launch day will be updated to a more accurate date on this coming Monday. Stay tuned for updates! Back to the GRIND🤘🏽 _ 📷 @retinaparadise @grantmeabody @katypatterson10 @drewferris46
The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.. #tbt #2010 #bodybymargarita #margarita #power #trainer #throwbackthursday #fitlife #fitness
TAG A FRIEND 👯➡️ SAVE this upper body circuit❗️Training your back & rear delts is 🔑 to a V-Taper/ hourglass figure ⏳making your waist appear smaller🙌🏽 - Full workouts, diet/fitness videos on my YOUTUBE🎥(link➡️in @teaganmariefit bio) 💖 - ✅Always drinking @1upnutrition BCAAs 🍉during workouts to reach my fatloss/muscle gain goals 💪🏽 Use code ➡️"TEAGANFIT" for a discount 💸 - ♦️Rear delt Face pulls (Standing & kneeling)🔺Straight arm Lat pull down . . . . . #1upnutrition #beginnerworkout #gymworkout #gymworkouts #workoutideas #npcbikini #gymvideos #fitnessvideos #exercisevideos #gymvideo #backworkout #fitness #upperbodyworkout #backexercises