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    21-Apr-2017 17:51:30 PM
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Damn those legs 💪💪💪
#FBF "..what is the take away, don't mess with Maui when he's a breakaway.." Some dope behind the scenes footage of me singing "You're Welcome" from our 2x Oscar nominated #MOANA with my main ace, the masterful Lin Manuel Miranda The BEST thing these days is when I meet really little children who only know me from Moana, and they're SHOCKED and just stare at me in silence when I start talking because in their little magical minds, they're hearing #Maui actually speak to them. When they finally work up the courage, the first thing they ask me where all Maui's hair went? 😂 To which I say, "Well Maui had to get a haircut but he's still just as powerful" and I show them my tattoos. Then they smile huge. And then I'll say now today's your lucky day kids because daddy and mommy are going to take you for ice cream and toy shopping and will buy ANYTHING YOU WANT! The children go BANANAS with excitement. The parents look at me like I just ruined their day and I belly laugh. Evil Maui. 😈 #fbf #Maui #Moana #ItsTheLittleThings #YoureWelcome #Disney
Build it and they will come. I luv building properties that we never have to leave if we don't want to. All inclusive. Excited that on our farm in Virginia, the official #IronParadise2 is going up. Bigger, badder and built on something very special and cool - true warrior mana (spirit) ground. Our farm is built on acres and acres of untouched Civil War battle field land. Many lives lost and blood shed on our rolling hills. During the day when you walk the property, you'll walk thru patches of grass where the temperature drops dramatically around you and no words are said.. we just know what we've just walked thru. Every guest we have stay with us, sleeps in the guest house and the next morning they always say, "Hey in the middle of the night last night we heard what seemed to be footsteps and people working outside". Me and @laurenhashianofficial laugh and I just say, "Yeah there's always work to be done around here". 😉🤙🏾 Grateful man with so much respect and luv for this land I live and build on. Civil War soldiers who fought and died here and the Native Americans before them who bravely and proudly did the same. Oh we gonna get some goooooood workouts in this one. #IronParadise2 #WhereUCantSeeEmButUCanFeelEm #CivilWarSoldiers #NativeAmericanWarriors #PowerfulMana #BloodSweatRespect 💪🏾
Awesome growth. THANK YOU. Our @sevenbucksds is over 2m "subs" in less than a year and becoming the most sought after digital company in Hollywood when it comes to creating cool and dope content for fans. THANK YOU guys for the support and for loving the content. Major props to our digital team of hard working, creative and entertaining ROCK STARS who make it all happen. While I just run around saying shit like, "Stay woke" #SevenBucksDigital #ChangingTheGame #StayWoke
Set your DVR's for TONIGHT at 10pm on CNN 'cause we're in a NY state of mind. Our post 9/11 attacks resiliency defined our country in so many ways. Like with any historic moment, the music will always be reflective of our emotions at that time. It's been a real honor for our @sevenbucksprod to produce this one. Thank you @showofforcefilm for bringing us this amazing project and THANK YOU FANS for coming on this powerful and historic journey with us. TONIGHT @10PM on CNN. #Soundtracks #911Resilience #TheMusic 🇺🇸
hit them with kindness.
Get the Lewk! Step by step with @cosmopolitan. Videographer @andyclancy | Edit @gigicpena & @deathorgloryjustanotherstory | Beauty director @carlycardellino | senior video producer @jasonikeler | Latex @tableaux_vivants | Hair @yukikotajima #cosmopolitan #makeupismylife #missfameforever
Dawg pound!!!!!!!
Got to wear TRACER AGAIN TODAY! Tomorrow I'll be YAAANGGG
The @celtics move on! Boston defeats Chicago 105-83 in Game 6 & will take on Washington in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. #NBAPlayoffs
Another scene from PHONES THE MOVIE the other phones frantically look for an old charger. Tell your local executive about this now!! Everyone loves their phones! Four quadrant no-brainer blockbuster film here
my favorite people 💕 & they're definitely relationship goals xo
Evento foda rolando aqui em Foz com essa companhia nem tão foda assim 😂❤! @fight2night_oficial revolucionando o MMA🇧🇷 #fizabarbaerrada
The New York J-E-T-E — JETS...wait, what? 😂
O @ludogiuly8 aproveitou muito bem o passe pra fazer esse golaço! #ForçaBarça #BarçaLegends @fcbarcelona
Love is love! 💕💕
@julioteheran: ace on the mound, ace on the base path 😎 #ChopOn
link to full version in bio 😂💬 • follow me @gabeerwin for more • 👇🏻 TAG A FRIEND 👇🏻
Finally some good news!
X 2 สภาพสวยทั้งคู่ ตัวเรือนข้างตัน ราคา 1xx,xxxB ❤️ของขวัญแห่งความสุขที่มีคุณค่ามาที่เชอรี่นาฬิกานะคะ❤️ Line: 0865555531 Line: MMN168 Line : famelabon โทร : 091-053-3660 Line : Id line :0825515584 📞📞: 082-551-5584 (( ผึ้ง )) รับซื้อ - ขาย - แลกเปลี่ยน -จำนำ นาฬิกาแบรน์แนม ของแท้มือสอง และเพชร จิวเวอรี่ 💍👛👜⌚️ www.cherrywatch.net เปิด 10.00- 19.00 น. ทุกวันไม่มีวันหยุด ✳️ วันอาทิตย์ ปิด 18.00 น. 02-883-3993 #ของขวัญ #ให้แฟน #งานแต่ง #งานหมั้น # คนรัก #2017 #dayjust #ให้เทอ #นาฬิกาสวย #ราคาดี #พิเศษ #วันพิเศษ #ราคาพิเศษ #คนพิเศษ ร้านเชอร์รี่ นาฬิrกา อยู่ก่อนถึงห้างพาต้าปิ่ 9 เพียง20 เมตร ฝั่งเดียวกัน จอดรถที่ร้านได้เลยค่ะ (( ร้านอยู่ติดกับตัวแทนจำหน่ายRolex เลยค่ะ))
Ya se a quien se parece mi hijo 💞 hermoso té ves con tu nuevo look @danielelbittar 🙌🏼
we know the truth 😎👯
Welcome to New England, @d_rivers11!
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