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It’s looking and feeling a lot like Christmas. 😍
Never water yourself down just because someone can’t take you at 100 proof (Bikini @fashionnovacurve ✨🌸) We don’t realize how much we are affected by others negative/dark energy, or things they say.We don’t realize how much we subconsciously absorb from others, that we end up turning these things into our own views about ourselves. One negative comment from someone can lead to us questioning ourselves. But what if i told you it doesn’t have to be this way?Most of my life i have suffered from crippling social anxiety, and constant worry about what others thought about me, or how i looked. This came from the constant bullying and mean comments i faced from “friends” or kids in school. No matter how healthy i was, no matter how incredible of an athlete i was, people picked me apart. Sports was my only solace, or where i felt at home. These influences stayed in my head for years, leading me into just as toxic relationships. It wasnt until after my recovery that i realized how much those things and people affected my mental state, and i finally saw i could set myself free from those binding shackles. These people wanted to see me fail, these people were threatened by my light, wanted to use my energy when they needed it, these people didn’t want to see me at 100 proof, or at my full potential. When you are working towards excellence, many will not want to walk with you, climb the obstacles with you,or swim in the trenches with you.Many fear the light you possess, so they do all they can do dim it.Whether that’s comments about your weight, size, looks, your personality. But what are we without our bright souls but an empty shell?These people led me to feel so deeply insecure about my body,my “flaws”, that i crippled myself from enjoying all that life has to offer,until i made the conscious choice to make a change, and set myself free. Sometimes our ED will pop into our head, to try to speak negatively about ourselves,and use the painful words of others as a platform.But guess what? YOU DONT HAVE TO LISTEN! You know your truth, your light is stronger than any darkness, you are beautiful, worthy &more powerful than you know. You have the power. Free yourself✨🙌🏽
“You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough. “ Mae West 📷: @ryandwyerphoto 💄: @bridgetzglam 👙: @dolcegabbana Took this photo for @fitgirls_gallery #fitnessgirl #bikini #beach #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivation #girlswholift #fashion #fashionista #bodygoals #beachready #travel
Always finding a front row seat to witness nature’s magic 🌅✨ Dreaming big and finding clarity in the stillness of these precious moments 🙌🏼💫BIG thanks to the amazing @prettywillow for her creative vision in setting up this beautiful space 🌟📸 @bobbybense #sunsetlovers #sunsetmeditation
🎄 X-MÁS STYLE GUIDE🎄 ・・・ Diciembre esta repleto de celebraciones, formales y más casuales, y como no podía ser de otra forma la selección de este mes para @santaeulalia1843 tiene carácter navideño. Muchas veces la gente me pregunta qué pueden ponerse para cada ocasión en fechas tan señaladas y la verdad es que las opciones son múltiples y de lo más variadas. Por eso, esta vez os propongo cinco ideas traducidas en cinco looks para estas Navidades. ¿Me acompañáis? ✨ Durante los próximos días podrás descubrir mis propuestas para los siguientes looks: cocktail, relaxed event, red carpet, fin de año, y cena en casa de amigos, que es con el primero que empezaré y que os hago un adelanto con esta foto ✨ Espero lo disfrutéis y que me hagáis todas las consultas que creáis oportunas ✨ ・・・ #AvellaLook #AvellaMen #AvellaGirls #AvellaStyle #PositiveVibes #BringBackTheChic #Happy #Fashion #Style #Men #Menswear #MenStyle #MensFashion #MenswearDaily #Travel #Lifestyle #Barcelona #SantaEulalia #SEStyleCouncil #Christmas ✨ ・・・ 📸 by @bernatperezdetudela
Anananasa 😜🍍 #ioannova_travel
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