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They all laughed at me when i dropped out of school , i wasn't in classes and i felt like my time is being wasted. I never even finished lol Now i make more then my teachers and most of my well educated class mates How? The online world. It gave us all a common ground and a fair chance on making money and developing our skills as leaders. My first day online was amazing , i felt like i can do anything and achieve everything i dreamed of. My second day online was exhusting , mostly because i was so pumped that i didn't get any sleep. My first year in the online income world was terrible , i made around $500 in 365 days. My second and third years online were just the same as the first , avreging around $200 - $800 in a year , not that impressive. In My current and forth year online: - i reached my best days so far of up to $3500 in 24 hours -reached 10k months - met some amazing people and leaders and now connected all over the world - Bought a new car - Moved to my own place near the beach - Bought a prestige guitar worth $2000 from 1 day comissions. -traveled to Sri-Lanka for 30 days in luxury places ( as much as possible there ) And many more places. What happened? I changed. I changed my mindset from making money to helping people and share value I changed my program and invested in a high ticket training that gave me all the tools i need for success. I surrendered my ego and my doubts and gave myself absolute permission to go all in and do my best. I applied the training and the easy formulas and tools it offeres and just went by the book and listened to people who are making $100k+ a month . If you are stuck in your online journey and need a friend , mentor , someone to listen , i'm here 24/7 for you even if i never met you. You want / ready to take action in your life and stop the struggle ? Go to the link in the bio and Let's talk , i'm ready to help you achieve your goals. . . . . #motivation #motivational #motivationalquotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneur #business #vacation #travel #1kperday #10kmonth #luxury #believe #mindset #onlinebusiness #bossmode
Paris, je suis là... ✌🏾 (De algo me sirvió mi Erasmus en Francia... 😅)