• Did you do full head?!
    21-Apr-2017 18:36:10 PM
  • @jessicarose_21 no just washed it lmao...... Finally
    21-Apr-2017 18:37:16 PM
  • Nice!
    21-Apr-2017 19:06:13 PM
  • Girl you always have good hair.
    21-Apr-2017 19:14:34 PM
  • @elmop77 I love it more when it's dirty lol
    21-Apr-2017 19:27:18 PM
  • 👌,
    22-Apr-2017 00:10:53 AM
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#Ridiculousness! Deadlift Series Part 8️⃣ of 8️⃣. What happened to episode 7??? Don’t worry about it. 😜 This video is partly serious😐, but mostly joking😁. We thought, what is the ultimate way to get as much feedback about your spinal/hip position without someone being there to help you? The answer is #FaceDickStick and #HeadBackCrack. 🙌The stick on the front will ensure that you hinge over without arching🐋 the back and stand up using your 🍑glutes/hammies rather than your back. The stick on the back will ensure that you hinge over without rounding 🐬the back. . . To be honest, all of these sticks📏, bands, mirrors, and other feedback mechanisms are great training tools temporarily, but you don’t have any of them in the real world🗺. When you are in the kitchen🍲, at work🛠, with your kids👨‍👧‍👧, working out🏋️, traveling✈️, etc… all you have to use for feedback is your only brain and body.🤔 Learning to do these movements properly without feedback is the ultimate goal. Remember, we hinge about 3500x/day to some degree. Whether it is a tiny lean over the counter or a full deadlift to pick up your kid, you are hinging! . . Reviewing the steps of the deadlift: 1️⃣Stand tall with your weight centered over the middle of your foot. Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should be relatively in line. 2️⃣Tuck your pelvis posterior slightly, engaging the glutes and lower abs. 3️⃣Engage the core by pulling the ribcage down. 4️⃣Pull your shoulder blades down and slightly back to engage the mid back and protect the spine. 5️⃣Drive your toes into the ground and grip the floor with the arch of your foot. Actively rotate the ankle, leg, knee, and thigh outward slightly. 6️⃣Keeping a neutral spine and pelvis, hinge over and sit back slightly. Bend the knees a little bit as you hinge over, keeping your shins vertical. 7️⃣When standing, straighten the legs and thrust the pelvis forward. Maintaining a tight core. . . Have a kickass weekend everyone!🤙🤘🙌 💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
Hi Guys😊😊 Explode your mind...with the new paradigm in learning @oobeduofficial 😍Every Alphabet has its own world! Experience it now with Augmented Reality Technology😊Download the free OOBEDU App and see the characters come alive. Available for India at And also available at @amazondotin @flipkart @paytm and @crosswordbookstores Retail stores😊😊 #oobedu #oobeduofficial #education #kids #students ❤️❤️
NO; this ain't a private school! 😳😲😮 #school #delhi #happy #kids #education #india
Aquella que no pide nada, merece todo. #EmprendedorExitoso 😉💑
LETS TALK SUPER SETS 🔥 if you're not including these in your workout you're missing out fam! There are lots of different types of super sets, but basically it's performing an exercise immediately after the other. The first 2 exercises make up an AGONIST super set: using the same muscle group in both exercises, short recovery time so your muscle gets the ultimate burn (hammys and glutes here)!!! The next 2 exercises make up a PRE FATIGUE COMPOUND super set: working the same muscle group but the first exercise isolates a muscle so in the following exercise you feel it sis ( in this case it's the booty). The final superset is an ANTAGONIST super set: using the opposite muscle group to promote blood flow to the resting muscle. These are examples of leg super sets but you can obviously do this for every muscle group! I find it time efficient. Ain't no PT but no probs sharing what I know #education #whydoitrybeaPTtho