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CRAZY ELEVATOR PRANK.. 😂😂🤣🤣 Tag a friend who need to see this! - 👉FOLLOW @getwowed for more!! - Via @viralnova365
Damnnnnn from all the way downtown!
Pills Dissolve In Macro! حل شدن قرص در معده! . Credit : Macro Room ___________________ #PicoPlay #Science #Technology #pills #علم #تکنولوژی #پیکوپلی #قرص #کپسول
Amazing crystal spinner from @360spinnerz 💎 ⚙️ Tag a friend who should see this ❤️
Argo test drive the Artemis Sr Rover delivered to the Canadian Space Agency under the LELR Contract. Artemis Sr is an 8-wheeled, all wheel drive robotic vehicle with active suspension. ARGO XTR is also known as the Space & Robotics Division of Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. Established in 1962, Ontario Drive & Gear has been an active and productive partner in Canada’s space rover programs since 2008. In 2015, ARGO XTR was created to bring a greater focus to our development of unmanned lunar and planetary vehicles. #engineering #technology #design #innovation #spaceexploration