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Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it!❤️💕

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    21-Apr-2017 17:56:34 PM
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@sommerray in our Maui One Piece and Antigua Bikini ✨
ตำรวจ: เอ่อ คุณภูมิครับ... คุณขับรถเร็วเกินไปนะครับ.. เส้นนี้เราให้ขับ 100กม/ชม แต่ คุณเล่นขับไป 200กม/ชม เลยนะครับ ผม: ใช่ครับ... แต่ผมกะจะขับแค่ ครึ่งชม. นะครับ (ก็เท่ากับ 100กม/ชม เหมือนกัน) ตำรวจ: ค** ไปเจอกันในโรงพักเลยมึง
When you stuck into the wrong hole but kinda like it. Follow @9gag - - - 📹 @naara.thehusky #9gag #husky #moonmoon #catdoor
Photo by @salvarezphoto The ancient artwork in Chauvet cave is beyond compare. It is 36,000 years old yet seems so fresh. Standing in front of this artwork is a moving experience. It is as if the artist is talking straight to you across an unimaginable gulf of time. We don't have to wonder what paleolithic people thought, they tell their stories on the cave wall. I founded the Ancient Art Archive to help preserve and explore humanity's first stories (there is a link at @ancientartarchive that takes the project page). Follow the new @ancientartarchive feed for more #rockart #cave #paleolithic
HBD to My Person™!! Thank you for 12 incredible years of friendship and (hopefully) 100 more. Sending you so much love today and every day 💖🍹👯
. MONSTER Photography by © (Tori Shea-Ostberg). An EF-2 tornado spins into an open field just after crossing a dirt road and destroying a home in Wray, Colorado, USA. May 7, 2016. #tornado  #letsexplore  #tornadoalley  #scary  #beautiful #sky  #severeweather  #stormchasing  #storm #nature
ORANGE YOU GLAD TO GLAM 🍑🔥✨ NEW video up on my channel ➡️ link in bio! I'm wearing: ___ Foundation: @lancomeofficial Teint Idole 24H Makeup Brows: @benefitcosmetics Precisely, My Brow ⁺ KaBrow! Glow: @ofracosmetics x NikkieTutorials "Everglow" Highlighter ▴ AVAILABLE NOW!!! Eyes: @inglot_usa Eyeshadows ⁺ #ofracosmetics "Spell" Liquid Lipstick as liner w/ @helenecosmetics "Tangerine" Glitter over top Lashes: @cakeface_beauty x @kkimthai "LION-HEARTED" Lips: @ofracosmetics x NikkieTutorials "Nude Potion" Liquid Lipstick ⁺ @jouercosmetics "Blush" Lipgloss ___ #nikkietutorials
รักของพี่มันตกกระป๋อง #thereturnofsupermanth
Blood, sweat and respect 4L. Do what you do tonight brotha @anthony_joshua and become one step closer to the goal. 👊🏾 Big luv and respect to both AJ and Klitschko - two heavyweight warriors in front of 90,000 at Wembley Stadium tonight laying it all out on the line. Great to see a heavyweight fight feel this big once again for the sport of boxing. Have a great fight boys and thank you both. #JoshuaKlitschko #AJBoxing #UAFamily
Image by @joelsartore | A critically endangered red ruffed lemur at the @millerparkzoo. These lemurs are very clean and spend a large amount of time grooming themselves with their specialized incisor teeth, hind claws, and tongues- which are colored black. They live in matriarchal groups and forage for food together during the abundant wet season. Unlike most lemurs, red ruffed lemurs will often divide and find food on their own during the dry season. Red ruffed lemurs live in a very small range in the forests of northern Madagascar and are threatened by the huge surge of illegal rosewood logging that began after an undemocratic change in political power in the area in 2009. These lemurs are also threatened by hunting, burning of habitat, the illegal pet trade, and frequent cyclones. To see an image of a red ruffed lemur sticking out its tongue, check out @joelsartore! . . #redruffedlemur #lemurs #cuteanimals #notapet #wildlifephotography #wildlife #photoark #natgeo
#London in all it's glory 😍🇬🇧 || 📸 @tomas_sent || #thisislondon
just because you take longer than others doesn't mean you failed. remember that.
. SPY HOPPING. Photo by @scott.portelli Humpback whales are impressive 40 tonne, 16 meter long mammals that can be quite interactive and curious at times.This Humpback whale spy hopped in front of me less than a meter and and balanced its body above and below the surface.Humpbacks often do this to survey their surroundings as they break the surface of the water.An impressive close up encounter to say the least. #Humpback #whale  #blue  #overunder  #tonga #spyhop
Enjoy life more... and just let it go✨✨✨
❤️หมี 🐻❤️
Photo by @davidalanharvey | Retro: From my photo essay on Nairobi in 2004. "I like school,” says 11-year-old Mary Akinya, smiling shyly in her Sunday best just after church in Kibera. “I like reading in Kiswahili [Swahili].” Chances are, Mary wouldn’t be attending school except that Kenya’s newly elected government introduced free primary school education in 2003. About 1.7 million children previously excluded from the system are now enrolled. “I am reading a story about a cheetah, elephant, zebra, and lion. They are fighting over who is strongest. But the zebra is the smartest and he wins."
Photo by @cookjenshel On Arbor Day we need to recognize the important role that trees play keeping our planet healthy. During one year, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange. In this era of human induced climate change we need them more than ever. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ArborDay #WiseTrees #climatechange #planttrees #savenature #trees
The 60s looked good on ya, @porsche. | 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera Porsche GTS. #maximrides
Damn these Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers. Follow @9gag - - - 📹 @raccoon_house #9gag #raccoon #trashpanda #rocket
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