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This tattoo 😻
[HOLY SHIT] You know what totally, totally, totally sucks balls? Losing BOTH of yours to two COMPLETELY SEPARATE bouts of testicular cancer before the age of 30, only to then be treated like a geriatric great-grandfather by all of your doctors, adding insult to injury. And all this ON TOP of just having lost your own father to cancer. HELL, NO! But, you know what's jaw-droppingly awesome as fuck? Celebrating TEN YEARS kicking both those cancer's asses, owning your manhood inside and out, marrying your quintessential soul mate, chasing your dreams and honoring your father's memory by literally doing the impossible and changing the world. (Oh, and adopting a bunny rabbit, too.🐰) Let's all give Dave the digital props he so righteously deserves. We're so with you, Bro. We are your community. WE ARE STUPID CANCER!!! 👊
Progress Takes Time . It's important to create a base to further work from. . Eat the food, get your metabolism working effectively, train smart, work on your weaknesses and build your strength. . Focusing on things like the above ☝🏼 will naturally lead to you creating your desired physique.
Strong is sexy 😍💪🏼 📷 @yinethfit_
When results matter✌🏻 -Full body😍Cuerpo completo: ✔️Squats, lunges, biceps & shoulders💁🏻 ✔️Sentadillas, lunges, biceps & shoulders💁🏻 ✅Train with me on my #21daychallenge #Fitplan app📲
1 day out to @wbff_official LA show! Last training of poses. @paul_dillett @allisondillett . Stage coach @toby.harrison .
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You're looking at the MVPs of cheers for charity. Look for us killing the back row! Will be signing autographs after the event💯
⭐️ Mexican chicken burrito bowl with last nights left over chicken ⭐️ Tex mex seasoning 1 teaspoon garlic 2 teaspoons chilli 2 teaspoons paprika 1 teaspoon of cumin #keto #ketones #ketosis #ketofit #ketolife #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #ketoresults #ketoweightloss #ketorecipes #ketobreakfast #ketolunch #ketogains #ketogeniclife #ketosnack #ketolove #ketopower #ketofriendly #ketogeniclifestyle #lchf #lowcarb #highfat #lowcarbrecipes
Suns out @seaotterclassic day 1 - downhill practice today and slalom tomorrow #seaotterclassic #seaotterclassic2017 🙌 pic @ryanguettler
‪Kendall via Hailey Baldwin's Instagram Stories‬ - #kendalljenner
This Woman 😍 How did I get so lucky! #shefoundmyheart @hayleymichelleandrews
Her figure! 😻 📷 @michie_peachie
Where's Coach Bombay when you need him? #Caps win in OT. Coming up on @sportscenter
When bae gets home late... 😒👀😐 @talesoftilley
Brother from another mother 🙌🏻. Vaya cantidad de experiencias hemos vivido juntos, felicidades por tu Millón @jucaviapri , vamos por más!
Keto burger.. yum 👌
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