• 21-Apr-2017 18:07:59 PM
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🐚 One week until this bikini & I are on the beach in JAMAICA. @saltymermaidswim
Se eu me importo com a opinião dos outros ? Acho que minha cara responde melhor que quaisquer palavras. 😁❤️😍 Ps: umas gramas a mais de água, e até a água vai direto nas pernas kkkk 🙈😅(aliás, a maior parte é só glicogênio mesmo 😁👌🏼)
Çalısmalara devam 💪 #fitness #gym #body #extreme #training
when u haven’t seen your girl for 2 days... 🤗🤗 tag your person 💗 #tiugirls
The difference is clear i think 🤔🤣 @mr_relentless2.0 #relentless
Largo largo largo día fuera de Barcelona trabajando en el material que grabamos en Himalaya! Muchas muchas ganas de enseñaros cosillas en breve! Venga ese liken si hay ganas, locos! 🎬🎥📷 @menoscabezamascorazon film crew
Currently loving the @GlamourNutrition chocolate whey 🙌🏼🍫 Gonna have it after leg day today to make sure I recover quickly and reap all the benefits of my training.... musclegainz 💪🏼 What’s also dope about it is it’s specifically formulated for women and contains collagen which is beneficial for beautiful skin 😌 Try my post-workout shake: - 1 scoop Glamour Protein - 10 oz almond milk - 1 banana - 1 tbsp chia seeds - Ice! Enjoy! 🤙🏼 #glamournutrition #collagen #proteinforwomen #glamourgirls • • • Cc: @johnsonsportsent