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    21-Apr-2017 18:17:40 PM
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what's your name? movie: palo alto (2013) 🎥 - follow ( @overtrying) me for more movie scenes 🌹. — : “Someday you’ll love her the way I loved you. Like the rest of the world isn’t peeking through the window. Like it wouldn’t matter if they were. Someday you’ll know how it feels sacrifice for someone because you want to. Because maybe it’ll make her smile, and God does that smile knock you off your feet. And you’ll hold her while she cries. Believe me, you will. Your arms like open palms catching rain as she slips into shatters. 
Someday you’ll understand why I stayed even when it felt drowning. Even when you became a person I didn’t recognize. Because someday you’ll see that love like this doesn’t ask. It doesn’t knock at the door and wait for your welcome. It’s just there. On a cold Wednesday morning, coaxing you back into bed bare naked or brewing coffee. Singing some song you know by heart, fluid as note into note. Like it’s been there all along. Like it already belongs.” I hope it’s someday soon (via yourhandwrittenletter)
Via @TheStreetsOf_: A serious super moon as captured by @julien__gerard in Madrid, Spain.
Onde estão meus seguidores do Brasil? Obrigado pelo carinho queridos! 🇧🇷 #bumbum Photo: @tristanmanas
#tbt to this years bodypower, here with my brother and in many ways also my mentor @1dayumay What I have learned from Rich over the last 3 years is priceless to me and im in so many ways grateful that I have met this man, I have grown as a brand and as a person working with Rich and @5percentnutrition Just wanted to get it out there now that he needs all the good vibes he can get now, more than ever! Keep fighting brother, I know you will make it! #PrayForRich #throwback
Почему в женских магазинах одежды размеры на ребенка, а в мужских на огромных жирных мужиков?🤔 Why in women's clothing stores the sizes of clothes for a child and in men's sizes for huge fat men?🤔 #suicidegirlsrussia #sg #suicidegirl #suicidegirls #tattoo #tattoos #tattooink #tattooed #tattoogirl #tattoomodel #tattoogirl #ininked #inks #inkedbabes #inkedmodels #inkedgirl #coloredhair #pinkhair #alternative #alt #altgirl #altgirls #alternativegirl #altmodel